Sunday, 24 February 2013

Naked art!

So, I have finally girded my loins and sent some 'art' in the post naked!!  No envelope...just sent as a postcard!!  Now, I was worried about sending it so I even phoned the Post Office head office and asked if this was ok and whether I need to keep certain areas free of paint (because of automated sorting machines)....their response was 'bemused' to say the least!!

This is my first one, I sent it to America.  Jane Davies is an artist who owns a post office in Rupert, Vermont in the USA.  Now this has to be the prettiest post office I have ever seen, a small beach hut type post office, all painted white with picket fence, so pretty.

However, there is a threat that it may be closed so in an effort to increase the through put of post she asked people to send handmade post cards.....I am not sure she expected quite as many (there are 15 galleries of cards already!!)...see all the details here

I also decided to send one to my Nan (in NZ) who has been poorly since before Christmas to brighten up her day.

Now I am a little hooked on this!!  Fellow WOYWWer, Donna  ( takes part in a European collabor-art project who also have a mail art circle where you post handmade postcards naked too!  Donna has challenged me to join and I am proud to say I have just emailed them asking if I can join in (fingers crossed).

Right, my craft room is calling me (its what Sunday afternoon's were made for!).

 Happy crafting




  1. Whew! I got kinda worried when I saw the title!! I was wondering if it was a bit cold to sit in your Craft Room naked in this cold weather!!
    Great cards there Kyla! I am sure they will bring smiles to the faces of the recipients.

  2. Super postcards :) and what did the post office say ?
    Von ♥


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