Monday, 26 February 2018

A matter of still life and death

Here are some more photos following from my recent trip to London.

We went to the Guildhall to visit the "A matter of still life and death exhibition".

There were quite a few pieces but these really stood out for me, the work on these skulls must have taken many hours of skilled labour.

The dark blue bead work on this one was simply stunning, there must have been thousands of beads each individually stitched on.

These were coloured threads that had been wrapped around and almost shimmered.

This piece was clever, it was titled the "green economy" and the artist had hand cut small saplings and plants from Euro notes, keeping them attached so they created shadows across the notes.

In the basement of the Guildhall is a Roman Amphitheater!  You can visit it for free, its quite large and very impressive.  I had NO idea it was there until a friend (waves at Sarah) mentioned it and I am SO pleased we visited as it was really impressive.

This photo does NOT do it justice, there were also scenes made from lighted strips and sounds played to give the impression you were stood in the middle of the theater whilst crowds cheered, a great free piece of our history.



  1. Hi Kyla, loving those sculptures, incredible work. How cool is that amphitheatre? I bet there is an amazing amount of such things not yet found under London too. Hugs, Shaz XxX

  2. I knew about that amphitheatre but have never visited it - it looks amazing. The green economy appealed to me most, there's something riveting about negative space.
    Hugs LLJ xxx


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