Monday, 19 February 2018

Tower Bridge visit

We recently went to London for a few days.
After lots of visits (my brother lived there for years) I am always surprised that we constantly seem to find new things to do, many of them free or really good value. This update is for The Tower Bridge Experience. You do have to pay but it's only £8.70 which considering its iconic status I think is good value for money. 

You get the opportunity to walk across the bridge in glass walkways! It is a very odd sensation and on one of the walkways they even have a mirrored ceiling so you can take selfies easily! There are also some amazing views along the Thames but even the towers inside have some amazing displays like this one where they have figures of the workmen that built and used to maintain the bridge.

 Then there is the opportunity to go down to the engine rooms. Sadly the disabled access lift was out of order but luckily I can still manage stairs (just a bit slower) so I was able to visit (though it did take more time and energy than I expected but worth it). 
 The engine room was fascinating and all in working order. 

So would I recommend it? If you are in London  and not scared of heights then yes, we thoroughly enjoyed it. But if you are in a wheelchair I would recommend checking the lifts (especially the engine rooms one) are working (they have a help line you can call). 



  1. Great info Kyla, and something to bear in mind next time we are down there. Hugs, Shaz XxX

  2. I did this once with a friend, a few years ago - it was a great trip, and luckily the glass walkways didn't phase me! glad you managed to get down to the engine room.


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