Tuesday, 15 May 2012

lovely books all ready to be upcycled

Now I know this may be controversial, but I would prefer pre loved books to be given a second life rather than being pulped.  So this weekend I went to some charity shops and Book Barn and bought this little lot.

 A foreign language book, marine mechanical textbook, imperial ready reckoner and a chemistry book....I think these pages will make great backgrounds to cards and altered art.

 I then found some music score including the complete Mikado for 50p!!

But the bargain of the day was this.  Now this cost a bit more (£7-but I think that isnt too bad considering what some craft paper packs cost), its a heavy bound handwritten accounts ledged from the 1960's from a film company, there are some classic pages I have discovered so far, Hammer Horror, Disney....I am going to keep some of these pages but most of them I thought I could use for journals etc.

I am loving these latest finds, a new life to be given to pre loved items!  I'd love to know what pre loved items you have be using....I am always looking for new ideas.

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x


  1. What super finds! I hadn't thought of going to the Book Barn, d'oh, there is one right near here! Look forward to seeing what you do with them. Zo xx

  2. How come I never find anything like that - a superb set of pages to alter. Don't think we have a book barn near us - will have to investigate.

    Ann B


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