Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Welcome to Wednesday (again)...hump day....but more importantly...WOYWW....and the legal snoop around desks all over the world (that still freaks me out....sat here in the UK and I can peek at a desk in Vancouver, Holland.....where next?  The moon?).

If you have read my earlier posts (and if not, why not?!!) you will know I am taking part in a Tim Holtz online class.....which is fab.....but there is one downside!!!

Look at the mess of my desk!!!!  Lol!

Now, I normally craft in a state of perpetual artistry (mess!) but some months ago MANY WOYWWers infected me with their tidy bug....and I have been really good (honest!!) and cleaned up after each session (mostly!!)....but I was so engrossed with last nights class I crafted into the wee small hours....hence I left the mess!

And in the top you spot my WOYWW badge from the lovely Julia?  Thanks everso, I will wear it with pride to each craft show I go to....if you see someone wearing it, pop over and say Hi, its like a secret society.....perhaps Julia can come up with a snazzy handshake or maybe a codeword?  Or perhaps I have had a tad too much excitement for one day and should have a cup of herbal tea?!!

Anyway, if you would like a legal snoop around desks pop over to Julia's blog here.

Happy Crafting

Li'l Pidge x


  1. Love the desk! I am going to definately have to break down and take a TH class myself. If it makes you feel better, your desk is cleaner than mine! -Amanda 57

  2. Yeah Kyla, you need's a great codeword - HELLO - I found it works a treat!! Serioulsy, your desk isn't untidy really..take off the inkpads and it's just about done!

  3. Great tags, I'm enjoying Tim's classes too. The man is a genius!! Happy WOYWW x
    Sophie no.88

  4. Thats it Kyla I give in going off to join Sir Timmie's class now... It all sounds such fun, and messy OOOOO I like messy inky fingers here I come.....

    Happy WOYWW! Hugs May x x x No9

  5. Lots of yumminess sitting there!! *huggles* =0)

  6. Do you think the secret code word should be "tidy"? Or should it be "messy"? Or would that be too obvious for evil outside intruders? I like your background piece but do chuckle at how it takes so much STUFF to create it (although I suppose you've been up to more than what we see there). Happy WOYWW! Judy #134

  7. This Mr TH has a lot to answer for I reckon! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing for this WOYWW, I'm nosing my way through the list! Take care Zo xx 22

  8. Wednesday’s sure do come around quick! Trying again to make “All” the rounds. This is the second time today someone shared what they're learing at the TH class... bummer I should have signed up!Have a great day!

  9. I think Julia is a-m-a-z-i-i-n-g to get so many badges out! If you are going to make a mess (ahem) then a Tim Holtz is best and Dyan Reaveley is second in my book. Thanks for the snoop. Anne #66

  10. Perpetual artistry - I love that! I picked up "art sediment" from Dina Wakley too so I am gradually learning to embrace the mess. Enjoy the class. #77

  11. Oh, I wish I had signed up for that class,sounds like fun! Desk looks full of creativity to me! Barb #106

  12. Whoo, look at those gorgeous colors!!


  13. I think someone on the International Space Station should join in WOYWW - distress inks floating through space would be a bit different!!
    Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

  14. I am starting to feel so jealous that so many are taking Tim's class and I am not. But, i won't cry or be sad. Maybe I can join in soon. Love seeing your desk. #25

  15. Phewph... apologies for visiting so late but I'm new to WOYWW and its quite a task to get to visit everyone. I joined because I lost my mojo for the last 12 years but thankfully it's coming back.
    I've got such a lot to learn.

    Thanks for letting me take a peek :D
    Neesie #37


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