Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I knew it.....I knew the big shot would change my life!! Now I don't think this is an overstatement...I have tried embossing and cutting EVERYTHING, I have been through my recycling bin and fabric scrap box!! You have been warned, you visit the nest, expect to be frisked for goodies that can be put through the big shot. In fact, it's become a member of the family...so I have decided to name it...Bertha! Yep, big Bertha the big shot!!! So this weeks play... This is the card I made for my Mum's mothering Sunday card. The background papers are torn and distressed and I have added a small piece of vintage text that I gesso'd and distressed and then over stamped. The bird is cut out of dove grey glove leather over stamped. I then made 2 eggs out of air drying paper clay which I painted and glazed for a high gloss, then made a needle felted nest to home them in! As you'd expect I then assembled the whole lot with my glue gun. I use my glue gun so much its knackered! I 'borrowed' it from my dad and its over 20 years old and now the rubber tip has finally broken off so there is now an exposed metal point-which gets VERY HOT (I am speaking from experience here!!) so I think a trip to Axminster tools is overdue!

This card is an order from work for a male's 21st card. The brief was he was a member of the Real Ale Society and a fan of Radio 4 comedy, not an easy combination but I think it turned out ok.

The background paper is BRA (Bristol Real Ale) and embossed some acetate to represent the head on beer and a I added a customised train ticket from Bristol to Mornington Crescent!!

Like I said, I am falling in love with Bertha!!!!

Off to play some more.....

Li'l Pidge

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