Wednesday, 7 August 2013

WOYWW aka "The Room of Shame"

Hello Peeps...I'm back!  Did you miss me? What d'ya mean you didn't notice?!?!

Well I have been on holiday down to London (Donna if you are reading this...when are we going to do an arty day trip to London?)....I know, not a normal holiday location, but every year me and the hubby go there for a week and we experience, quite often, a different London to many others!!

This time we did a 3D printing and laser cutting adult only after hours session at the Design Museum, walked (yep walked!) to Camden all along the canal THROUGH London Zoo (the canal goes right through the middle), visited a couple of pop-up bars and eateries, went tea tasting at the original Twinnings Tea Shop and visited the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (SO much art and sculpture it took 4 hrs to go round!!).

More recently, last night we attended another adult only after hours show at the @bristol exhibition.  You can play on all the science experiments (kid free) and we even made a Gromit with the help of an animator from Ardman Animations!

Whats all this to do with WOYWW?  Well, basically it means I haven't had much time to craft, let alone tidy....hence the room of shame!


I know, I hang my head in shame!  BUT I did book today off on leave to tidy up (though I appear to have frittered the morning away already!!).

My Man Bites Dog Cards this week are "Lost Tourist Stuns Devoted Wife"...I like to think the back story may be a tourist was lost, somewhere like the Congo and after more than a year the police tell the wife she should expect the worse....but he makes his way back home!  The book and film will surely follow!!!!!

Anyhoo...I am meant to be tidying not gassing, so pop over to the lovely Julia's blog (link over on the right) and gaze in wonder at the couple of hundred or so desks that are on show.....somehow I think I may have won the prize for this weeks biggest mess, but you never know! 
Happy Crafting


  1. Aw your holiday sounds fab. I want to go to London some day, went on a school trip but I want to go back and see the sights as an adult. One day I will get there! Your desk is fab, though, full of crafty stash that is shouting out to be played with!! Take care Zo xx 72

  2. Amazing how easily time slips past on WOYWW isn't it. The word for this is PROCRAFTINATING, lol. Covers a multitude of sins. Glad you had such a good time, me & Beloved Hubby want to get down to London one of these days.Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #48xx

  3. Hi Kyla tidying is over rated in my opinion.
    sounds like you had a great fun time in London and did some really different things, didn't know you could d evening things at the design museum, went there a few years ago to see a strange architecture exhibition.... Mmmm!
    have a great week
    janet #27

  4. In a fellow crafters eyes your room is nothing to be ashamed of. Its a treasure trove of fun and insanity preventative. Your science adventures sounds fabulously fun too! Happy WOYWW! Danie #14.

  5. Hi Kyla - my very first visit to your space and it doesn't look so bad to me...LOL have a great week Mxx WOYWW #97

  6. Your holiday was filled with the sort of things that we love to do! You sure packed a lot in to your week!! I've never been to an RA Summer exhibition....that's an item for the Bucket List, for sure!
    Good lick with the Room Sweep....I wonder what treasure you'll unearth in the process ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 57 xx


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