Wednesday, 26 February 2014


 Hello peeps, are you well?

So, my desk this week.....I cannot deny I am a slutty crafter!  All over the place with so many different things out!

On the back of the desk is some talc for MaryAnne's dimensional paste project that I have been playing with (I have more playing to do).

Also a bottle of glycerine (Sheena Doulglas and the Frugal Crafter had some tips so I thought I would give it a go) and also a bottle of surgical spirits (its rubbing alcohol which I know a lot of crafters in the states use, but I cannot find it here...surgical spirits has castor oil added, but I thought I would have a go at experimenting).

 On the floor is a plastic sheet I use to protect the area when spraying (also on the floor are my slippers and a roll of tissue...but that this not as interesting!!).

Floating mid air (actually rested on an open drawer) is my 365 journal and the background pages that are drying ready for me to make into my March pages.

I apologise that I forgot to include my "Man Bites Dog" cards last this time I made sure I remembered!

"thousands attack crazy fake general!" with everything going on in the Ukraine these seem quite apt (though I know its not a general...but it is a political head!).

Happy crafting


  1. Exactly my thoughts when I saw the cards - spooky!
    Have a happy WOYWW :)
    no. 35

  2. A fab look at your space, I too dry pages/cards on any surface that will hold them. Your does look to be floating!! I spotted those slippers and I don't think I've found a crafter who doesn't have a roll of tissue/kitchen towel somewhere! Take care & enjoy your day. Zo xx 67

  3. Hi Kyla, surgical spirits (aka Isopropyl alcohol) is what Blending Solution is, I expect you know. I got mine online after an ebay search for Isopropyl alcohol. You can get 99% or 70%- I got a bottle of both. Heck of a lot cheaper than the Tim version. It was the Americans using it that put me onto it too. Love the colours in your page! New link at #102, as my first one linked to last week. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz XX

  4. What a great amount of "stuff" going on here (I feel quite at home...!) The journal page looks great. Helen 15

  5. I am loving your desk and the fact that you make use of all available space lol! (floor). You are obviously a busy crafter, lots going on here. Happy crafting, Angela x 68

  6. hi kyla
    there doesn't seem much room left to actually do anything there lol .... you will have to find room somewhere... to play with it all
    have a good week
    janet #38

  7. I don't know why, but I never imagined you crafting in your slippers! I do too, on account of my age and a cold, supposedly washable laminate floor. I say supposedly because I can't quite remember the last wash...
    Love your floating journal, and that you're experimenting with so much all at once. You need a lab!

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