Friday, 13 June 2008

Crafty Stash and an Owl!

Another week is finally over, and with rain forcast for the weekend I am hoping I can get some more crafting done (it feels like a guilty pleasure crafting when the sun is shining, mind you making the felt outside in the garden did solve the problem!).

This week I visited my parents and managed to come away with a variety of stash that I am hoping I can have a go at altering, some boxes, metal locks and a whole host of bits and pieces that I hope to give a second chance to.

Also, we both had a day off this week so ventured into town and whilst my OH did a "poster run" (he is in 2 bands and puts on gigs, so often looks for places to put his posters up) I went to a great craft shop in town, Craft Works, a large craft shop that covers all sorts of crafts - I couldn't resist a few bits and pieces,including some sheet metal that they explained how to use - I am looking forward to having a go at altering that!

Then my lovely husband met me and knowing my love of owls bought me a money box to save for crafty stash, in the shape of an owl, make with beautiful Kimono Silks.
I just need to think of a name for him now, if anyone has any ideas...?

The only crafting I have managed to do is to incorporate my handmade felt into a brooch. I used bought felt and my own felt, a large button for the centre adding blanket stitching and sequins (I am not very good with a needle - even as a child I struggled and things havent got much better!).
I am quite pleased with it and will probably wear it on my handbag and maybe a black jacket - I could get hooked on this felting (sorry, bad pun).
I hope you have all had a good week, happy crafting
Li'l Pidge

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