Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A cordial evening

I didn't feel too good this weekend so no new makes to display, however, my Fathers day card was well received.
I showed a little peak at it earlier in the blog. I am really pleased with the results, it's an easy version of a pop up card, but as it was a first attempt I thought I would make my life a little easier (for a change!).

I did manage to get out another R.A.K. for another CraftsBeautiful forum member, its a good way to sort out your stash and share a little bit of joy - especially since the only post we all seem to get these days are junk mail and bills (I do like the idea of returning the junk mail to the sender in one of the franked envelopes they send you - even more cost to them, a fair retribution considering I never even asked for the 10 or so credit card/personal loans mailshots I seem to get each week!).

The nice weather yesterday did spring me into action and me and the OH decided to have an evening stroll along the stream that runs down the back of our street (I am hoping the exercise will cancel out the large glass of cheeky red I had when we returned!). I must admit to having an ulterior motive as I also took a couple of bags with us and as we walked we collected Elderflower heads from the hedge-row. I then mixed them in a bucket (ooh, its all high-tech round here) with sliced lemons, more sugar than is healthy, citric acid and hot water. Stir every day for 5 days, strain and bottle and there you have it - homemade Elderflower cordial! Its a recipe from a friend of my Mum's (thanks Gussie) so I am looking forward to trying it.

I did make it, yet again in my back garden. What with the felt making and now this the neighbours really must wonder about me!

Happy crafting

Li'l Pidge


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  2. Great cards! just came for my first visit!! great blog!

    Lauren (Lollies CB forum)

  3. What a Fab Blog hun, I recognize that RAK lol :), Ive checked the settings on My blog, nothings changed so should be ok, I have mod settings on so have to approve the post before you see it :) Hugs Karen..


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