Monday, 30 June 2008

Finally sorted my craft show stash out!

After a really busy week, I finally managed to sort out the stash I bought at the show. I tried the rollergraph with versamark then applied mica powder and then blended it with loo roll (to be honest I couldn't be bothered to go downstairs and get some kitchen roll!) - which, as I have told my OH before is SO scratchy and rough, and now I have the proof as the effect on the butterflies is a rather attractive (well, I think so!) distressed look - NOT as attractive on ones behind, but you will have to take my word for that!

I have also tried the mexian skull, this time on shrink plastic as a pendant, I have lots of ideas what to do with this, I just need to realise them (I even am dreaming stamps now-help!).

I am also thinking up a couple of ATC for the Crafts-Beautiful forum, the voting was a dead heat for birds and song titles! So we have a choice - I am doing songs, I have made one so far, but again, my OH keeps suggesting song titles, from "A guy works down our chip shop swears he's Elvis" to some very dodgy punk songs (such as "Kill the Poor" by Dead Kennedys) there is no way I am going to make ATC's out of them! I think I need to sit down with my MP3 player and find something suitable...I know you ladies on the forum are open-minded, but some of the music that comes out of his stereo (it becomes his when this ear-bleeding music is coming out and my stereo if its rockabilly or something more refined!!) - but you have to love him for taking an interest!

Recently I also recieved from the ladies on the CB forum this months ATC makes for the Black and white theme - a big thanks to Shelleyhope for the shaker ATC and Lesley Anne for the cat. My new ATC collection is already starting to outgrow the cupboard door that I have stuck them to!

Well ,thats it for now, off to enjoy a cheeky vimto and enjoy the highlights of the Andy Murray match today.

Happy Crafting

Lil Pidge

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