Wednesday, 9 March 2016


 It's Wednesday so that means its once again time to share my "room of shame", 
or more popularly known as "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" where crafters across the globe share desks-clean, productive or hidden under paperwork (and not the crafting kind).

A month ago I decided to tackle the room and sorted out the bottom half of the book case and the boxes on the floor.  Since then I have sorted out my papers and embellishments and gifted a couple of bagfuls of goodies to various friends (much better they get used rather than languishing in my room for another year).  So I decided it was time to dust and clean the window ready for spring (I have NO idea WHY I decided to do this, I blame the tablets!!).  

Now, having Rheumatoid Arthritis means I get tired quickly and when doing heavy work I need to use wrist splints add to this I pulled something in my back Saturday (seriously, hit 45 and the body falls apart!!) which means I set my alarm clock and only worked for 15 minute stints before I rested for a bit.  Yes it does mean everything takes three times as long but at least it means I am not bedridden after I have done the housework etc.

So I decided to remove the items from the window ledge and desk and gave the surfaces a good wipe down-its amazing how spray inks really do travel!!

 By moving everything it means I can ensure it is all sorted in a systematic order and nice and clean (not that you can tell it from the after shot, but take it from me it is!!). 

On the right is the one piece of card I bought at the Exeter show in February!  It is a Kanban topper sheet (£1.60 and I think I can make 5 cards from it if I am clever with my existing stash).  I plan on making the cards this week so will share them when completed.

 My "Man Bites Dogs" cards this week are another Trumpism 'Blonde Tycoon Lost Thousands'  though I would suggest he can be any colour he wants, it all depends which wig he wears and I really hope the thousands refers to the number of voters he looses!

And the great reveal.....

Now the after shot may not look 'that' different but believe me, after three hours hard work it is clean and not a paint splatter in sight!

So, why not join us?  Full details can be found on the lovely Julia's blog with full instructions here

Happy crafting


  1. Morning Kyla. Well done on the grand clean up - I do understand how long it takes when suffering from RA. Hubby contracted it when he was 19 and in his first term at college. 50years on - and he gets NO flare ups - we know God healed the disease - but he has the damaged, and replaced joints. Now the bronchiectasis adds to the equation, and life here is very much in the slow lane!!
    Take care of yourself. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  2. a nice clean, tidy desk, so inviting to get messy again, don't you think? Happy WOYWW from Vicky#8

  3. Your line about the distance spray inks can travel made me laugh...especially as your inky mitts feature on my blog heading and make me smile every time I see them! You were sensible splitting the cleaning up into chunks, best way to do it so you don't hurt too much. Congrats on your amazing weight loss btw, clever gal!
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xx

  4. Quite right about timing yourself, what's the good of ending up incapacitated. I love that you've made the ink spray distance discovery...mine was paintwork by the door, I was a bit horrified! Love the look of the place, hope you can lay your hands on anything now (ooh err) and very glad to see the cooker made it!!

  5. And where it says cooker, read conker!!!

    1. It's a sentimental conker!!! ☺

  6. I do see the hard work, I swear! I should clean my atelier too - it looks clean but it's only 'organised' (but there's a lot of dust, paint on the table etcetera...) and I haven't cleaned my windows in a long time.. hmmm, I think I'll wait until Spring is really hear as it's too cold to open them now. I better go paint some more, ha! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #34

  7. Hi Kyla, I agree with the paint/ink travel. The distance Brusho's can go is ridiculous! I hear you on not exhausting yourself as well- it's far too easy to try and do what you used to do, and then get the pay off for it!Little and often is indeed key. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  8. Awesome cleaning job!!!
    Diane - WOYWW #38

  9. Wow - great cleaning job! Glad you could get it done and not be unable to move at the end of it. That's the best way to tackle jobs. I agree with you about the 45 comment - my mind just hasn't caught up to the fact that my body can't do what it used to lol

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #48

  10. Good on you.. I seriously need to do something of the sort here... but think it may take a wee while longer than yours! still, good intentions abound.. Good idea to time your activities too; hope it helps. Helen #21

  11. Well done on the great clean up. I see you are a label person like me....but so far I've only got around to labelling my stamp folders!
    Those projects on your 'before' desk look really interesting.
    Sharon xx #50

  12. I like the tags I see on and obove the desk.
    I need to tidy up here too...

    Sussie, nr 44 WOYWW, sorry for being late...

  13. Belated wwoyd great job in starting the spring clean up and I love the shelves you have to be close and handy. Hope with the warm summer weather coming you start to feel better as I know the cold bothers mine. Hugs }Anne L

  14. Good plan setting the timer. They say you can accomplish more in those 15 min. sprints than if you worked straight through. I know it works when I'm writing! Amazing how much you can accomplish when you know the buzzer is going to ring. Great job. Take care of yourself. Creative Blessings! Kelly #61


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