Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bird brained

Hello peeps, not a crafting update this time but I thought I would blog about the birds in my garden at the moment.  We are lucky that after almost 15 years gardening organically and leaving a small wildlife area means that in our city garden we get quite an array of birds.  We get a lot of blue tits, great tits, long tail tits, bull finches, green finches and these bully boys-gold finches.  They descend by the flock when we refill the feeders and there are usually around 8-10 at a time with a few others keeping watch and fighting off any other birds until they have had their fill!!!
They are SO messy and drop large quantities on the floor, but luckily the ground feeders such as the robins soon clean it up.

 It is always a delight to see the jay

 The wren is getting really brave as the back door was open and it was sat atop the planter beside the door!  I could hear the wren (as it has SUCH a loud call for a small bird), looked out the door and there it was, about 18 inches from me!

 The oddest behaviour is this female blackbird.  Never before have I come across it.  She keeps attacking the reflection of herself in ours and the  neighbours windows!

She flies with her claws outstretched in front and bashes into the window.  She doesn't appear to do any damage and doesn't appear to be stunned.

Then she sits there pecking her reflection for hours on end!!!!

According to the RSPB website it is probably because she has a nest close by and can see her reflection and believes its another blackbird.  They suggest cling film over the outside of the window to disrupt the reflection-looks attractive, not!  But hopefully it will stop the poor bird battering herself against the glass!!!!



  1. wow, what amazing garden visitors, how lucky you are - and to get some great photos too. Hope mrs blackbird is ok with the cling filmed windows!

  2. Fantastic! Love the birds in my garden And so lucky to see the wren, they are shy little birds.


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