Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Look what the postie brought me!

 I refuse to believe I am the only one who likes receiving post.  Not bills, or junk mail, but good old fashioned post. Letters, postcards or just a card to say hello.  I often send postcards to family and friends (some vintage ones, some naff ones or handmade ones).

These came from NZ for me the other day (thanks mum)....can you guess what they are?

 They pop out to form little coffins!

 How cute?

Their purpose?  Well, believe it or not they are for putting leftover pizza slices in!!  Yep, tuck your leftover pizza slice in these little beauties and they are protected on your trip home!

They have a hole in the top (I presume to let the steam out) so thought these could be re purposed as a ribbon or yarn dispenser.

Thank you postie you made my day




  1. Hi Kyla, as you can imagine, I love them! Pizza slices? Who'd have thought? They'd make awesome little trinket gift boxes for the Goth in your family, lol.Hugs, Shaz xxx

    1. They would....but I don't want to give them away!! :0)

  2. wow, cute... practical ... recycleable... I wouldn't give them away either!


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