Thursday, 28 March 2013

A quick and almost free card!

 Hello peeps...are you ready for Easter? Time off work and choccys on standby??

So, time off work can only mean one thing for me...crafting time!!  Woo hoo!
I was busy today round a friends house making a new skirt (yep sewing!!....I will blog that later in the weekend when I have some photos) and am waiting on the varnish to dry on a painting, whilst I wait for that I thought I would blog a Marilyn Monroe card I recently made.

 The picture is actually from some wallpaper border samples that cost me nothing from a local DIY store (yep, I liberated stuff to be upcycled and crafted  who'd have thought that!).

I added some Tim Holtz film strip and used my TH Tiny Attacher to adhere it (I SO love my tiny attacher and use it on so many different projects).

So, a very cheap card and took only a few minutes to make....bargain!

Happy Easter and happy crafting


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