Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Wednesday again....boy it really does come round quickly!
So, this week on my desk...well, its not my desk its actually my dining room table.  Why?  Well I have decided to get my sewing machine out and make a special gift for someone, lots of free machine embroidery and hand sewing so I need to spread out!

My hubby drew the 'Man Bites Dog' cards this week...."340lb blonde lady wanted priest"!!!  Considering what is happening at the vatican this week I couldn't believe that he randomly drew a priest from the pack!!

So, what's on your workdesk this week?  Clean?  Messy? Craving some organisational tips?....then head over here to the fabulous Julias blog and have a legal snoop around desks across the globe, go know you want to!!

Happy crafting



  1. Ha ha those cards always seem so relevant but random! No desk from me, it's bare & boring. Went to footy last night so am not doing anything. Take care Zo xx

  2. I wondered what those cards were all about! They are great fun! Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww.
    Liz 72

  3. Sounds like the force was with your husband. I don't think they have chosen anyone yet have they? Seems so political! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Vickie #1

  4. Very apt given what's going on right this minute! Sharon #131

  5. OMgee, you don't think people will think the organisation tips will actually be from me?!! Ha ha!! Now it's no surprise to me that you're mid-flow on a big project, but another skill - free machining, oh girl, you are just too good.

  6. What funny cards!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Katie 125

  7. Hahaa... the cards make me laugh! Happy sewing and happy belated woyww, Marit #79


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