Monday, 18 March 2013

Postcard from America

Hello peeps, I hope you are all ok and those of you with snow are keeping warm.

Only a quick post today to say thanks to Jane Davies at the post office in Rupert Vermont.  A few blog posts ago I mentioned that via the cloth, paper, scissors blog she runs the small country post office, threatened with closure and asked fellow crafters to send in handmade post cards to boost numbers going through the office!!

Well I did, and look what I got in return.

A post card of one of her paintings of the post office (isn't it the cutest one ever!!).
All the details if you would like to see all the postcards she has already received (wow, there are a LOT) can be found here 

Happy crafting



  1. Thanks, Kyla! Glad you like the card. Just to be clear, it is the painting of Janno Gay, who is a friend of mine. She does lovely watercolor illustrations. I received SO many cards that were various interpretations of my PO with chickens. Thanks for your participation!

  2. I find this fascinating and it would be tragic for such a place to close. They are so important. I'm off to Germany tomorrow and will paint a card there and send it as my two pennyworth. I also intent to mail one from here when I return.
    Jo x

    1. Excellent, enjoy your travels x


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