Monday, 25 March 2013

Who'd have thought it...and its free!

 Well, this is the cardboard box from the know, the one I mentioned in the WOYWW posting (or as Donna put it in the comments..."from the clap clinic!").  Now, I didn't need it....I don't want you to think that!!  BUT when I was in BOOTS I noticed that there was a pile of lovely thick cardboard boxes which screamed "cute storage"...and I like to think of myself as resourceful (and to be honest I would rather spend my money on craft stash rather than storage)...I couldn't resist!

I gesso'd the box (to remove the dodgy STD labels!!) and added some texture paste through a stencil, I then used a variety of acrylic paints and wiped them back to produce different layers of colour.

There you go, a nice sturdy box ready for holding some crafty stash (I am thinking of using it for my charcoal pencils as they make my case a bit messy)....all for free!!

If you have any free storage tips, I'd love to know.
Happy crafting



  1. Wow looks fab lovely. My free storage is using empty Bold liquid tablet boxes to store my spare pens in. Smell lush too! Take care Zo xx

    1. Zoe, bet your Copics smell lush!!

  2. Beautiful colours and a great idea for nabbing boxes x.
    The stamp you liked on my blog was bought at the craft barn. Here is the link

    Thay are all lovely stamp in that range x.


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