Wednesday, 20 March 2013


On my desk this week is....a can of ginger beer (love ginger, I drink ginger tea, eat fresh ginger, drink fizzy get the idea!), a plastic pot at the back that I wash my brushes out, a cardboard box I am painting to decorate...its a lovely little box that I think will be good for storage (you'll never guess what its from.....I will post at the end!!) and a canvas board that I have decided to paint (I have only gesso'd and given a coat of texture paste so far).

My Man Bites Dog cards this week are "Cruel MOB boss rips off thousands"....never a truer word said as I write this whilst listening to the budget being announced!!
If you fancy joining the legal snoop across the globe, then pop over to the lovely Julia's blog here 
Happy Crafting


The cardboard box?  Well, in the UK you can pick up free STD tests in chemists.....they come complete with a lovely thick cardboard box and also a small plastic test tube (perfect for beads I am thinking)!!!!  I am always on the lookout for free stuff I can use!!!


  1. You are so right, I would never have guessed.... love the canvas though! Helen, 8

  2. Okay Kyla... that has to be the most ingenious piece of upcycling I've seen so far. STD kits? Who knew! And 2 freebies in one haul. Better! Looking forward to the finished canvas. Creative Blessings! Kelly
    (not playing this week... just supporting the rest of you)

  3. Lol those cards make me giggle every week! Always can find some truth in them that relates to what's going on! And that box is just ingenious lovely, just don't keep going back for more, otherwise they may think you have a problem!! Can you imagine their faces if you told them what you really are using it for?! Ha ha Enjoy desk hopping. Take care Zo xx 87

  4. you have made me laugh about your free box I guess crafting stash can come from anywhere and you are proof of that.
    Your canvas is looking good I look forward to seeing that finished
    Have a wonderful WOYWW
    Ria #44

  5. goodness Kyla if you're not in the bins you are frequenting the clap kind of Gal, unafraid to pursue the found objects an Artist needs for making masterpieces...

    I like the idea that the Russian dirty money is about to be stolen by Europe from your man bites dog is indeed apt this week...

    dx 153

  6. Wow, you really do extreme crafting!! I've never rally noticed there's a surfeit of STD boxes in Boots before....but more power to you for seeing the gap in the market ;)

    Fancy coming parascending with me? I've got a few stone to lose first though.......sigh.....
    LLJ xxxx


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