Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Welcome to another What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday....only 7 more until Christmas!!!
Not that I am worried....after all I have only made one present so far!!!

So with this in mind you'd think I was cracking on making presents...but no, I am sat here colouring in!!

Like many others I do find this a calming distraction.  Rather than the Sci-Fi colouring comic book I have used previously I thought I would pull out my Secret Garden one that I bought over a two years ago, one of the first in the craze.  Sometimes you just need to do something different.

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week were 'Priest Burns Lost Tourist' ....ooh that sounds like a script from a film!

Happy crafting and please feel free to join in WOYWW where many of us share our desks across the globe.  Full details of how to join are here 

Happy crafting


  1. I'm so glad I "only" have cards I should be making... in theory so much quicker... I'm not doing those either! Happy WOYWW Helen #?

  2. Loving the cards! Always make me giggle. I'm making presents too. Book art. 3 already give to my friends as they won't be down from Yorkshire again before Christmas. 2 made just need decorating and I'm slowly working through the list! But like you I'm wanting to colour in my new colouring book!! Leaves, that's what I'm colouring, I shared it on Sunday. Take care Zo xx 31

  3. Your card selections always make me smile. Good luck with the present making. I need to get on with mine too.

    Fiona #34

  4. Hi Kyla, like Helen, I should be making Christmas cards, I really really need to have stern words with myself about this. Love the man bites dog cards. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xxx

  5. Yes, nothing like a bit of colouring. I'm a big fan of Johana Bassford too, great artist.

  6. I'm intruiged by those cards, what are man bites dog cards (just looked it up a game?)?butterfliecrafter#8

  7. I work better under pressure myself. And thank you for pointing out the 7 more weeks until Christmas. ;-) April #51

  8. Looks like a very pretty page and I can see how calming it would be. Painting is my relaxation.
    sandra de @20

  9. Colouring in books seem to be the hot, hot trend at the moment and if I had time I might be tempted but Christmas will be here soon enough and I need to make some gifts, sigh! Priest Burns Lost Tourist looks like a headline from a tabloid newspaper :) Hope you are having a great weekend, despite the cold. Elizabeth x #32


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