Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A couple of quick Kanban cards

A couple of weeks ago at the WOYWW crop Lunchlady Jan was selling some craft stash to raise money for the local brass band that she plays in.  Well, it was for a good cause (I used to play tenor horn in my school orchestra so I know how much sheet music etc costs) so I bought a pack of silver and cream embossed cards and a pack of Kanban toppers.

Not my usual style as I tend to use plain cards but these are a really quick way to make some cards that really look impressive.  

 One tip when using die cut toppers and you push them out of the card often there are small 'tags' left on the topper so I use a sanding block (really cheap, under a pound in the hardware shop or poundland sells them too) to lightly sand them so they have nice smooth edges.

I used sticky pads (again from the hardware shop-I tend to get quite a lot of my stash from 'different' places) to attach the toppers, lightly curling the edges to hide them yet still giving some dimension.

The downside is that these cards are far too big for my cellophane bags so I used some old overhead projector acetate sheets I had hanging around and made my own covers.

Quick and easy cards-now if only all my projects were that quick!

Happy crafting



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