Wednesday, 11 March 2015

WOYWW makeover

Happy WOYWW.  Sorry I missed last week but what with hubby's birthday and a new furniture delivery (well, new to was from a charity shop but fitted the bill perfectly and was recycled) meant I was rather busy.

I do hope Julia doesn't mind, but we try to keep the postings short as there are many desks to get around-but this is both photo and text heavy as there is SO much desk/storage space to show this week!  Sorry Julia.

We had a couple of new cabinets.  One single width (no photo) and now filled with CD's and a matching double (photo below) which now holds my material and sewing stash (rather than 4 large plastic ugly boxes and about 5 carrier bags all stuffed into the dining room.

The great thing about doors is that they hide a multitude of sins though I have started to make mini bolts of my fabric (or at least the stash that is big enough).  It was an idea I found on pinterest where you use a piece of cardboard and fold the fabric-simple and meant that I created even more space!!  Top left in my leather (I went on another workshop at the weekend so will be playing with this soon) and bottom is my quilting batting for the quilt I have been putting off making for a year now!!!

 It is amazing as the dining room was crammed full but with 2 new pieces of furniture (the double unit replaced an old Ikea kitchen unit we used to have there) we now had lots of space AND room to move the record unit from the spare bedroom (you can see half of it in the picture above-yep, that is just a SMALL selection of hubby's vinyl-but looking at my stash I can hardly comment can I?).

What to do with the now redundant old unit from the dining room?  I know, remove the very small unit from the craft room and replace it with the dining room one!!  Now, in theory this was a great idea-in practise......this meant clearing out one side of my VERY overstuffed and MINI craft room (too small for a single bed when its empty)-not an easy task I can tell you (it's enough to drive a woman and certainly her hubby to drink, I can tell you!).

 So, this is my craft room (with thrifted recycled curtains).  The space on the right is where I used to have a small low unit that had lots of drawers stacked on top (which would be stacked on top of the new unit).

With all the crap off the floor etc now stacked on my so small desk space!

Now look!  I know, most of you may not be able to see the difference-but believe me, it's a HUGE difference.  The glass fronted cabinet from the dining room means that I have about 1 foot extra height in my storage.  My coven secret santa was a notice board with pegs (next to the window) and on here I change the cards that inspire me..currently I have some from Coven members, a WOYWW one, one from a school friend and the lovely Zoe's colouring birthday card.

The red box is my scrap box and I even sorted this out so lots of my scraps are now in little A5 plastic folders from poundland.

I placed my stash in boxes and labelled them and even have a few boxes that are empty! 

You can see how small the room is (but crammed full!) but now it is clean and you bets as to how long it stays like this!!!


Phew, did you make it to the end?  Well a reward here are this weeks "Man Bites Dog" cards-'Heiress Burns Last Lover'....ooer they are once again a bit sensational!

So, why not join us across the globe (link on the right) and show us what is on your workdesk this Wednesday?   Go on, its a legal snoop and they are a lovely bunch.

Happy crafting



  1. what a lovely space and you have managed to get so much in there!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Thanks for sharing
    Mrs C.xx

  2. Wow, you did all that in a week? no wonder you missed the big 300 week.. what a makeover, and with great bargains too. Love your craft room, even though it's small it's perfectly formed! Helen 3

  3. Enjoy your new storage areas. I like that card game too. Looking forward to seeing what's on your desk next week. Lucy #4 x

  4. I love the fact that you've done so much to your craft room and most of it recycled. Brilliant...may you have many happy hours in there :-). And tell me about husbands' vinyl collections...4,000 45s and couple of hundred LPs in the attic as we speak!
    Hugs, LLJ 5 xx

  5. Hi Kyla, that really does look like fab use of your storage space. Love those poly envelopes too from Poundaland- I stuff all sorts of bits into them- UFO's, small scraps- you name it. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xxx

  6. It's so nice to have a closed off space like that - doesn't matter the size. It looks amazing. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

  7. This looks like a really useful space and very organised and best still you can shut the door on it!
    Happy crafting, Angela x 31

  8. Hi Kyla
    the great thing about small spaces id that everything is close to hand.... perfect for a craft room ,,,, and organised storage space makes it easy to work in.....however messy.... organised caos! ..... the best kind.
    have fun getting it messy again soon
    janet @12

  9. I'm tired after all that tidying so I can guess how tired you must have been. It looks fabulous now and to be able to hide things behind doors is even better. I give it a week to be looking very creative and messy, which is the best way to be:)
    Have a great week,
    Von #23

  10. You were BUSY! Your room is so well organized, it looks great. Thanks for sharing
    Gabriele 15

  11. Bet you are loving your new space and sense of freedom. I swear half of my time seems to go to organizing, labeling and tidying up. Some days I wish I had the skills of Mary Poppins or Samantha Stevens. Thx for sharing

    Pat #78

  12. It's all looking very organised, Kyla - enjoy working in your new space! Thanks for your lovely comment and encouraging and kind words, and for your good wishes for Wednesday when I go in for surgery. Glad you like my new hair colour lol!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #46

  13. Hi Kyla! Happy belated WOYWW! I have never posted on WOYWW but I have been a faithful follower of this lovely site for over a year. I love peeking at all the beautiful craft spaces from around the world. Julia's WOYWW is the highlight of my week. After a long day at work, come home to prepare dinner, cleanup and amongst other things. I finally sit at my computer with a HUGE cup of tea and log onto Julia's WOYWW. Lurking into the work spaces of these artisans inspires me and I feel a sisterhood. Our work spaces are our best kept secrets and only through Julia's WOYWW we share these secrets. Well...your post this week (sorry I'm commenting a week late) hit me square in the face. My workspace looks exactly like yours! I don't have a room but I take up a small corner in my living room that is slowly impeding into the family space. My hubs commented a couple of weeks ago..."honey, I can't move the ceiling any's permanent." I got the hint...LOL! Thank you for sharing your space.


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