Wednesday, 18 March 2015


 Wednesday again?!  Can you believe it?  So, after last week and having a lovely tidy desk I finally had an opportunity to spend an evening crafting.

I caught up on an old technique that I haven't played with for ages, using my sizzix and embossing folders as a fake letterpress (my previous post has the background sheets I made).

 On the right of my desk is a wallpaper sample (free) which I thought would make a lovely background.

My "Man Bites Dog" cards are 'Devoted Girl Runs off with Teen'...not sure about that one!

This is the finished card.  The embossing folder and greeting stamps are from Sheena Douglass' I got free with a magazine (the only reason I bought the magazine!).

So, why not join us for a legal snoop at desks across the globe over at Julia's WOYWW blog (link is over on the right).  Go on, take a chance.  It's been running for more than 300 weeks now and they are ever such a friendly bunch.

Happy crafting



  1. I haven't done any crafting in the evenings for ages..I seem to just sit in front of the tv! Have a great week. Helen 11

  2. I do love me some letterpress :) Nice folder, too. I recall hearing her talk about the fact that her folders include a variety of sizes for the motifs and I can see how effective that is. And who doesnt love free wallpaper samples :) You know I do!

    Happy WOYWW day!
    Mary Anne (10)

  3. Your faux letterpress technique looks really good! I do that with magazines - if I like the "extra" I buy it !
    Have a lovely day, week!
    Lots of hugs,

  4. Very pretty card! I have to admit I get a little confused in the difference between embossing and letterpressing. I should look that up! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #53

  5. That wallpaper is really neat. I think I'd like it better in a craft than on a wall, though. :-D

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #6

  6. Hi Kyla, I have the same embossing folder and yes that's why I bought the magazine too.
    I have been working with that Faux Letterpress technique last week. It's one of those techniques that I turn to occasionally.
    Have a great woyww, Angela x 28

  7. Hi kyla, that's a very effective technique ... Looks great. Don't you just love free crafting stash .... Wallpaper can be so useful ... I love the embossed ones too.
    Have fun
    Janet @14

  8. Hello Kyla, I came to visit you first this time, before you came to my blog!
    Love the letterpress printing - the embossed background for your card is great - so is that wallpaper, I'd find plenty of use for that too!
    I have a little letterpress kit, which I use with my die-cutting/ embossing machine. I tried using embossing folders with some strips of leather offcuts, from my leather journals and made a couple of quite successful bookmarks. They need a bit more work to be really good, but it was fun.
    I've bought a magazine before, just for the "free gift" - but even if that was the only reason for buying, it was still good value, as the gifts are usually one-offs and would be more expensive if they were sold in the shops anyway.
    Enjoy your card-making!
    Lizzie #71


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