Monday, 16 March 2015

Fake letterpress

 I finally got to have a play in the craft room at last (now it is nice and clean it seemed a shame not to).

I revisited an old technique I haven't played with for a couple of years but I was reminded of on Pinterest recently.

It is a fake letterpress technique and VERY easy to do.

You simply ink one side of your embossing plate (you can use a brayer but I just keep the ink pad as level as I can and smear it all over) and pass the plate and paper through your embosser and voila - 

 I quite like it in the brown as it looks like a henna tattoo.
This is the reverse side of the card (the uninked side).

 Some of the embossing plates are deeper than others-this one was particularly deep.

Which was so deep it created almost a shadow when I coloured it.

Quick, easy and simple and now I have some backgrounds ready to play with.

Happy crafting



  1. What great effects Kyla. The brown one really does look like henna tattoos. Love it!
    jo x

  2. Gosh I haven't done this for ages. Yours look great!
    Thanks for reminding me of this.


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