Sunday, 1 March 2015

Altered coat

 Even though I am in my forties I love learning to sew (even after being asked to leave sewing lessons from school and being told I could do double metal work instead-which I loved but the cheek!).

I bought this wool coat in a second hand shop and finally used some of my fabric stash up (though not much!).

I cut out some circles and edged them on the sewing machine.

 I then un-stitched the lining (so that the coat wouldn't pucker) and attached the circles around the coat and cuffs, then stitched the lining back up.

It's a one-off and I know that I certainly will not bump into anyone in town wearing one like it!

Also, in the background (only just noticed as I loaded up the photos) is some bunting and a black and red fabric brooch (on the coat lapel) that the lovely Lunch Lady Jan made me-I wear the brooch on that coat everyday, its just enough sparkle for a dull winter day.

Happy crafting



  1. That looks amazing! I love the patchwork effect of the different fabrics :-). Clever you!

  2. It's ceryainly eye catching ..
    Love the randomness ( is that a word)
    Of it ... Great job

  3. Great coat now Kyla!!
    I too had an issue with the needlework teacher...she was such a xxxxx! I got sent to Art instead...textile art!! Oh the irony!

  4. Love it, Kyla! This sort of thing is so much fun. I've been a sewer all my life but not so much in recent years. However, last year I scoured the charity shops and came home armed with lots of stash to alter - a project I'd been looking forward to in 2015 but so far I have achieved pretty much zilch in the absence of Mr. Mojo and Mrs. Muse while I deal with this cancer crisis.

    Thanks for your good wishes for my rescheduled surgery on 18th. We've been given a clear fortnight to rest and recover from all the recent stress, in the house sans Mum, which is a huge relief, so that we will both be ready for the coming ordeal. I am spending this fortnight trying to enjoy as many of my favourite foods as possible - a lot of which I will no longer be able to eat for a long time, and maybe forever.



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