Wednesday, 19 March 2014

WOYWW with some hot tips

Hello peeps.  I know I am going to be busy with the day job this week so this is scheduled and the photo was taken earlier this week.
So What's on MY Workdesk?  Well, I have decided to have another go at some soldering (hence the blog post title!).
I am trying to make a kitchen timer!

This is it out of its housing.  It doesn't work properly as all the LED's don't light up and the alarm goes off only on some!  I know a few engineers so put it out on facebook and they have come back with some good suggestions about testing the LED's-but to be honest I think the answer is probably that I may have been a bit heavy handed and burnt them out.  The soldering iron used to be my dad's and I don't think the tip gets that hot so I was melting the solder with the side and it all got a bit hot!!

Nevermind, it's all an experiment and can only go to enhance my craft skills!!
My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are 'Burns Nurse Blasts Girl' or even 'Blasts Girl Burns Nurse!'

Anyhoo, if you fancy a legal snoop at desks across the globe then pop over to the lovely Julias blog 
 Happy crafting



  1. HMMM. I wonder about your soldering iron, too. But of course, I'd go with what the engineers said. Cute quote this week, and seems to go with the soldering experiment, too. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  2. HI Kyla, neat cue cards, fun to make up quotes...soldering ..mmm.. good on you for having a go, yes it's all a learning experience..have fun this week Cheers RobynO#38

  3. Wow, I wouldn't know where to start with soldering! Mega impressed! :)

  4. Hope you solve the problem & well done for giving it a go . Happy woyww Jill #34

  5. Hi Kyla, in answer to your question last week... Yes. The very same man. I like most of his work but mainly the book of secrets.
    I like what you are trying to do and look forward to seeing how you get along with it. Shame it has caused you extra work.
    Nelle 53 xx

  6. You are certainly braver than I am to try and fix the timer! I'd probably just toss it and buy another one. Good luck with it - hope you are successful!
    Lindart #81

  7. I love seeing your experiments, from pastes to resin to soldering!! Good on you, I daren't try anything that involves heat as it would be my fingers that end up burnt!! So clumsy with poor proprioception you see! No desk from me but popped by anyway. Take care Zo xx

  8. good luck with the soldering - I don't even try working with a hot glue gun... have a good week - hope work isn't too stressful so you get to play (or shop... ) Helen 8

  9. I haven't tried soldering... yet. But I've done glass lampwork, so soldering can't be any scarier than that!

    Happy creating and Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #1

  10. well done with the soldering, sounds more like a job for handyman to me, I'm not very good at stuff like that, except maybe for encaustic art. If it 's not Art I can't do it, hehe


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