Friday, 28 March 2014

A flutterby card

So, you may have noticed that paper crafting has been a little off my radar of late.  Soldering, fabric stuff, resin...anything but cards!!

But there comes a time when you really need to crack on and make some cards and I needed to make some female ones so came up with this.

I am trying to use up the amazingly large amount of patterned paper I appear to have amassed over the years and for this card I used the right hand side of the paper to create the card.  The leftover left hand side had a nice flower pattern on so I cut this out and added to to the bottom left of the card over the top of some ribbon (which I added some glitter to, just because I seem to have a lot of glitter to!).

I added a sentiment and a topper and cut out a butterfly left over from the scraps.

Simple but quite a pretty, feminine card.

Now I only have several hundred pattern paper sheets and about a ton of glitter (me, prone to exaggerate?  Never!!) to use up.

Happy crafting


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