Sunday, 23 March 2014

When two worlds collide

 Hello peeps, I hope the weekend is treating you well?

During the week I took advantage of a new railcard in the UK, the TwoTogether card.  Travel after 0930 or anytime at the weekend for the 2 people on the card is a third off.  We bought it primarily for our trips to London but then I thought...the stitch show is at the NEC...hmmm.

It was all a bit of a last minute rush, but after the totally awful last 15 months I have had I thought "sod it". Rather than go up on my own my lovely hubby suggested he come with me (bless him!). 
So, off on the train we went, and the saving with our new card paid for the card in one transaction!

These are a selection of the photos I took, its a little photo heavy so why not grab a coffee and settle back?

There was some lovely art material stalls...not as many as I would have liked but I still managed to get some goodies!

 This was one of the glazes and mediums on display.

Whilst I loved the hobbycraft bit, my love is really mixed media and textiles.  So many of the pieces on display were mind blowing-even hubby enjoyed this part!

 This was one piece for the background of the quilt and had photos transferred onto fabric appliqued over-really effective.

 I loved this rainforest quilt and spent quite a long time just standing there staring at this one!

 The dimensions on this piece were fabulous

 The detail and shading on this one was breathtaking

 These small hanging art quilts were SO inspiring.  I am currently making a VERY basic version of something like these at the moment!

Now, the NEC is a large place and 2 halls were taken up with Hobbycraft and Stitch, another was an education show and the other.....well that was a Comic and Collectable show!!

Look who was there!! 

 I met some Storm Troopers too!!!!

 Not often do my worlds of Sci-Fi and art mix.....but I loved it!

It was a knackering day and my poor little RA inflamed body took a battering, but it was worth it!

So, did I buy some stash?  Well, I was really restrained.....NO fabric or thread!!!!!  I know, I couldn't believe it either!

I did buy these though. 

 Some dye based watercolour paints that I plan on using on a wall hanging and 3 sets of small 1" by 1" TH distress inks-I thought these would be brilliant for my craft travel tote for when I go to my Coven meetings, crops or on holiday.

 Some Indigo Blue stamps (I love the quality of their stamps) and these phrases are brilliant

 Even though this stamp and stencil are not a pair I think they go together really well.

 I have never seen these rubbers and shields before, they were only £3.50 for the whole lot so I thought I would give them a go.

 In a nod to my Father and Grandfather (neither who are with us anymore) who both loved woodwork and creating things with their hands I bought this marquetry kit!  I have never had a go a this before, but I thought it looked a bit different and I can never say no to a new craft!  I will let you know how I get on!
 These moulds are for air drying clay.  I use a lot of hot glue and resin in my work so I thought I would give them a go....its not what they were intended for but I am hoping they have enough release agent built in to let them work with other mediums.

 I finally found these little stick on thimbles that I have been on the look out for for what seems like a couple of years!  I thought they would be really good for my little travel kit when I do a bit of handstitching, and a new blade for my poor blunt cutter! 
 Last, but in no ways least is my new book. I have all of Kim Thittichai's books and this is her new one not even in the shops yet but the shipment came in time for her stand at the show.

I love her work, its so experimental and really pushes some of the preconceived ideas of how stitching should be.

Phew, and there you have it.  Not tons of stuff to find a new home for but some fabulous goodies. 

Finally a big thankyou to my Nan over in New Zealand.  She kindly sent me some money for my birthday last month and believe it or not the above came to almost the same amount!!  Obviously meant to be.

Also, it is my Nan's 90th Birthday today and I had a lovely skype with her earlier.  I will blog what I made her once I am sure she has opened it!!

Now, I just need some more painkillers and some bed rest to repair my body (before I play with my new stash!).

Happy crafting


  1. You certainly bought some interesting things love the stencil !
    I have used those moulds with resin and they are ok :)
    Hope your recovering from your day
    Von ♥

    1. Brilliant, thanks Von-am looking forward to having a play :-)

  2. Wow, what an exhausting day it sounds, no wonder you are in need of recovery - LOVE your stash buys though. Good on your hubby for going with you - hope you got him to carry the bags!

  3. What a fantastic day. And with the UK fabulous rail service, no bother with parking a car.

  4. Good for you having a nice day! Love that Hubby came too! Mine would do a runner!
    Lovely bit of stash there and those quilts you have showed are wonderful.
    I now have the top done of my quilt that needs to be finished by Saturday so hopefully it will be done. I may even bring it to The Crop!!
    Is that the larger or smaller blade you bought? If it is the larger one, I could bring my sharpener to The Crop and let you sharpen your old ones up?

    1. My rotary is only a 28mm....yes please bring the quilt it would be lovely to see. X


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