Wednesday, 12 March 2014


 Hello peeps, for those of you in the UK I hope you are enjoying the dry weather!!!  Long may it last!

So, on my desk this week is the surgical spirit and Glycerine (again)-but thanks to Shaz for her update on some things I can use them for (I will get round to it-promise!!).

On the left are 2 crocheted skulls that an old school friend made for me, they are so lovely I plan on sewing a badge back and adding them to one of my handbags.

On the right are my embossing paste experiments from Mary-Annes instructions (I have already made some cards from them and these are left over, waiting for inspiration to strike). Near the front some more thermomix experiments (I have been trying to work out how to colour them, these have golding wax applied but the colour doesn't apply as well as acrylic paint-I must try harder!!).

This weeks "Man Bites Dog" cards read like a page from a gossip magazine "Wife Bites Fake Nails"!!!

So, if you fancy a legal snoop at desks across the globe then pop over to the Queen of desks Julia 

 Happy Crafting



  1. Sounds like sticky fingers in many pies, in which case a surprisingly tidy desk!
    ~Kate~ #65

  2. tee hee. Lurve the skulls! And as ever your desk looks ready and not nearly the mess of mine. Sooooo envious of neatniks some days and given my chaos this is one of them..... :)

    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (25)

  3. Crochet skulls... did your friend make up a pattern? Your desk is all set up and ready to go. Thanks for sharing Carole #68

  4. Lots been going on! Seeing those moulds makes me realise I haven't tried the stuff I bought six months ago yet..... another one for the list. Happy WOYWW, Cindy #58

  5. Hi Kyla, glad I'm not the only one who gets seduced by tealights- I think I have as many as Ikea do, lol.They smell so amazing when you walk past the displays, don't they? Re the glycerine/rubbing alcohol, I found this recipe for refilling a blender pen:
    2tsp Glycerine,4 tsp water and a 1/4 tsp rubbing alcohol. Not got an empty blender pen, but I'm going to try it in a water brush and see what happens.Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #37 xxx

  6. Ooh lots to see. Fab skulls & your experiments always look fun. Take care Zo xx 82

  7. Hmm, that thermi stuff is difficult to make things stick doubt you'll work it out. I love you K ya, but I see no reason to want those skulls on my handbag!!

  8. It is so lovely to have had a few days of sun, makes everyone much happier! Good luck with sorting out the colouring your thermi stuff. Helen 16

  9. Hi Kyla, you have quite a few things going on there today ... never tried the thermomix you have there but I do have a bottle of glycerin ready for when it next rains. In the meantime we are indeed enjoying this spell of sunshine and spending time in the garden at last :) Elizabeth x #75

  10. Funny, I was reading about glycerine in an old mag at the dentist surgery's good for stain removal..lots of things.Must look up how it's used in card making/mixed media.
    Judy #18

  11. Hi, love love love the skulls. As much as I have tried I am unable to enlarge your desk image, but what I can see looks like fun.
    Nelle76 xx

  12. Sorry I'm late visiting. It's been a busy life-gets-in-the-way type of week. This was a fun quote this time. I've added glycerine to my soap making projects, but nothing in art. I look forward to an update. Happy very belated WOYWW from #7.


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