Sunday, 30 March 2014

How does one recongise a crafter?

Happy Mothering Sunday!

Just a quick update, this is the card I made my mum.  The panel in the middle is from a fabric offcut and the fan is one of those plastic buttons that I just cut the shank off (love my Tim Holtz scissors they really can cut up most things I throw at them!).

I have also come the decision that crafters can recognise each other....see if you agree:
Yesterday I am sat in a cafe.  It is in Devon, so not my home town where someone may recognise me.  There are several other people in the cafe....but the one person I smile at and say hello also engages with me...and before you know it we find out we both make cards and stitch....she brings out of her bag a wonderful quilt she is currently making for one of the staff at the cafe...ALL hand stitched-now, neither of us knew each other and I didn't even have my WOYWW badge on my bag, so the question is how did we both know?

Odd eh?  Just goes to show how craft can be a great leveller.

Happy crafting


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