Tuesday, 1 April 2014

WOYWW and metal embossing

 Hello peeps, I hope you are all well?  So What's on your workdesk this Wednesday?

Mine for once is productive.  I recently popped to the scrapstore in Lacock, Wiltshire.  This place is fabulous, there are similar ones all across the country.  They are charities and they take industrial waste that can be used in craft and schools.

On this trip I got some metal tubes (just one or two!!), some blue leather from Mulberry (they may be posh but I am lucky they are local so there is some fabulous leather offcuts in this scrapstore.  The Bristol one is near Cameron Balloons  so you get lots of ripstop in there-you just need to do a bit of homework about local industries) and a few empty film canisters for storage and some felt that I plan to use for book covers all for £1.50!

 The tubes are unused cream tubes

 I cut the ends off and slit up the side.  I then bashed the tubes flat with my leather and copper hammer (it's called Thor-I love the fact that the hammer actually has a name!!) with the metal over a piece of funky foam (to limit the dents on the metal).

I then used one of my Ten Second Studio moulds with a paper stump and created the stars. 

 I then coloured it with alcohol inks and when dry rubbed it back with a sanding block (forget those expensive craft ones...I get mine from the hardware store-50p!!) to expose some of the base metal.

There you have it....a metal embellishment ready to be used for almost next to nothing!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are "Killer Heiress Sues Fans".....well, I for one will be watching the news for the next few days!!

So, if you fancy a legal snoop at workdesks around the globe then pop over to the lovely Julia's blog 

Happy crafting




  1. Ah, I see I'm not the only one to post early...I seem to have corked up the scheduling and am simply too tired to alter it now!
    Love the colour of the inside of those tubes. And the idea of owning your very own Thor!

  2. Hi Kyla
    looking very quickly I though you had cigarettes on your desk.... silly me. Brilliant use of the tubes, well done Thor
    janet #7
    (OMG 7 lowest number yet and I even beat Helen he he )

  3. Wow, how amazing us that transformation?? I love it but am amazed at how you could see that in a tube!
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xx

  4. Amazing - what a brilliant idea!! Wouldn't have been able to look at that tube and imagine it as anything other than..... a tube!! LOL!!
    Happy (Early) WOYWW
    Caz ~12

  5. Wow, I am impressed with what you got out of just a boring old tube. Nice job! And I love that your hammer has a name. :-)

    Happy Creating and Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #32

  6. Wow, rubbish has never looked any better LOL I love those places we have them here in Australia too and they have heaps of treasures hidden within. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 36
    Yippee 36 my favourite number LOL

  7. I love the project on your desk today! I recently saved some scrap metal from used up tea lights and I've been wanting to do some embossing. I need one of those Thor hammers! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@19

  8. What a fantastic way to recycle those empty tubes. I was certainly impressed. Great job with Thor, too. I think I need a Thor. Happy WOYWW from # 15.

  9. That is so clever, I didn't know you could even get empty tubes let alone do that with them. Fabulous.
    Have a great week.
    Von #48

  10. What a brilliant idea!! THE best kind of recycling - making something beautiful out of something 'scrap'!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 50

  11. wow great bargains and love the metal - what a change! Helen 9

  12. That's awesome - we have a similar place here in Perth - they charge an annual joining fee & you go & get what you want (no further charge).

    Find some fantastic stuff.

    Really love your hammer :-)

    Nikki D

  13. Love your recycling and the metal is a great colour, even before the AIs. I imagine Thor as a 6foot tall muscular (but no too much) Dane, with twinkling blue eyes and sun-kissed blonde hair....getting carried away her.
    Happy WOYWW
    Ann B

  14. I have a trip planned to my local scrapstore as I have a voucher to spend, just need to find out exactly where it is!! Love how you used the tubes.
    Happy Wednesday
    Minxy {was #6 now #23}

  15. Wow how very clever. Love the e d result as well. Anne x #28

  16. Hi Kyla - I love the colour of the metal. I cut up tomato puree tubes, which have a similar colour inside. Have a great week x

  17. Oh I love the rich colour of the metal - who would have thought such loveliness lurked within? Upcycling is cool, don'tcha know? And oh my yes - why pay a premium for a "craft sanding block" when a DIY store one works better, cause you tend to get them in different grades of sandpaper?? We WOYWWers are a frugal lot....

    Happy WOYWW!

    Mary Anne (11)

  18. Oh wow - that is amazing! Well done you - great recycling! Happy WOYWW Cindy #72

  19. Oh so clever!! thank you for the little tute and well done for recycling!
    Zee xoxo

  20. You are one clever lady! How you come up with these things is beyond me. Look forward to seeing you in May! Enjoy your day. Take care Zo xx 83

  21. Wow, what a nice embellie for next to nothing. #63

  22. I remember doing something similar (but not nearly as good!) with tomato puree tubes as a child!! Your stars are gorgeous!
    Kate #62

  23. That looks great! I'm sure you can find something to use it on. April #41

  24. Hi happy woyww to you! That metal embossing is just way cool. I sure wished I could, scratch that... I think I will add this to my "wanna try" list.
    Kimmer #109 last, but not least, yet again... I think this is a record! LOL

  25. Hi Kyla, love what you've done with the tubes, and that you are a fellow' buy a cheap version' shopper! Me and Poundland are very good buddies, lol. You have reminded me, I have the Walnut Hollow metal kit somewhere- need to go look for that. What other name could any self respecting hammer have but Thor? Have a great week, running around late this week, I lost Wednesday completely, lol. Hugs Shaz #55 xx


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