Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A new journal page

 Hello peeps, are you enjoying the sun and school holidays?  I love the fact that it means my commute is SO much quicker in the school holidays-so as far as I can see it's a win/win situation!

Only a quick update today, I have been playing in my journal again.  This time its my small travel journal that I often take with me for days out.


The background is a mix of acrylics, interference paint and inks with some ultra lightweight paste through a stencil for the numbers.

The words are printed off the computer and I keep a few random words in the back of my journal for use, the heart padlock tattoo was from a leaflet from a tattoo and music festival I went to last year...yep,leaflets and junk mail are a great source of stash, I just wish we had tyvek envelopes over here a bit more often for our mail so I could really go to town with the inks etc!

I added some barbed wire borders by hand and then wrote some personal testimony which I then lightly covered with white ink to partly obscure.

I finished it off by flicking some white ink.  The green blob in the middle is one of those issues we all have with other pages leaking through now and again...I tend to use quite a lot of ink so even gesso lets it bleed through sometimes.  I embrace it when it happens as it reminds me it is a handmade page and not digital (no issue with those that do digital crafting, but part of my job is being a bit of a computer geek so I try not to use one at home for craft!).

Right, off to check out my new solar lights!

Happy crafting

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  1. Ooo gorgeous pages love those numbers they really look effective x


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