Wednesday, 23 January 2013

WOYWW, a tikki and a mop up page

Hello everyone, how are you on this cold and snowy (well in the UK at least) WOYWW?

So, on my desk this week is my heat proof mat with some hot glue skull and cross bones and cogs that I have made ready to decorate my "Truvia" sweetner box (hidden at the back) that was on my desk last week.  The box is drying at the moment (I love multi medium as a glue but it really does take overnight to dry!) so I hope to post the finished box and another tutorial (I really cannot fathom youtube!) on how to make the hot glue embellishments later this week.

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week are "Romantic suspect slays crazy naked star!"  They really do sound like plots for books sometimes!

I thought I would show you the snowman that my hubby decided to make....
Yep, a scary tikki head.  Placed at the end of the garden to spook the neighbours kids!!  I told him it was crafting...but in a manly way!!

The great thing about the snow is that I don't feel gulity about staying in at the weekend, catching up on housework and of course, rewarding myself with some serious craft time.
If you saw my stencil tutorial on my last post, I thought I would share with you the 'mop up' page.

This is the page I pressed the leftover of my inky stencils onto.  I really liked the page (I find it difficult to leave white space, I love the effect, but it is something I am really going to concentrate on experimenting with during 2013).  I then did some scribbles in black ink.  It does actually say something meaningful (to me at least) but I have tried to scribble it to disguise the words a little.  For a leftover page I am really pleased with this.

If you would like a legal snoop around desks across the globe you can join in here

Stay safe and warm and happy crafting



  1. Morning Kyla - love the hot glue embellishments- I haven't heard of this so I will watch out for the tutorial. Hubbies snow sculpture is fab. We took our dog for a walk in the snow and were very amused to see him give a snowman a wide berth....he wasn't sure at all!!! ;-) Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 42

  2. You're pleased with it? You should be, there'snothing to suggest 'leftover' about that page to me, it looks totally fab. Love the tikki head, all goes to my theory about the snow causing the cave man to emerge!

  3. awesome looking mop up page! I think that it looks a lot better then some of my on purpose pages. I like to write things on my pages but don't like people reading them. I may try your 'scribble' techniques! Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

  4. Love that 'leftover' page, it's awesome! Happy WOYWW Cindy #70

  5. your 'leftover' page is gorgeous
    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #45

  6. Love the way your mop up page turned out - sometimes they're the best aren't they! Chris@86

  7. Great mopping up! I love the scribbling, too. Have a good week - I have had enough of the snow now, but luckily it seems to have at least partly gone from my road so I may be able to ditch the wellington boots soon! I fell in non wellies a couple of years ago and am now very careful! Helen, 9

  8. Some lovely bits on your desk I shall look back to see the finished item. Not so sure about the snowman

  9. Your leftover page is really nice! White space is a challenge, but you should really be pleased with the space you left on your page. The snowman is definitely scary. ;)

    Happy Wednesday!
    /Zildara #96

  10. Hi Kyla,

    I can't wait to see your Truvia box. I use Truvia too and actually have kept a few of the boxes -- they are just too good to throw in the trash.

    The cards looks interesting. Are they from a game?

    The tiki snowman looks great! Your husband should be proud!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #126

    1. Yes, they are from a card game called man bites dog. Bought them from a charity shop!

  11. Love your page in journal page is that a dina wakley stamp on it?
    Snow man is cool!!!!
    Jackie 16

  12. Great page... thanks to the drips etc., fab!
    Your Tiki is super ... I'd love to make one.... now where did all that snow go now I want some!!??
    Jo x

  13. Love your Tiki!! Not fancying the prospect of going outside. Sat under my quilt right now as I cannot get warm!!
    Great page in your journal using left over ink! Can't waste ink now can we? Precious ink is!!

  14. Love your left overs Kyla, almost as much fun as bin rummaging? and the card prompts made me laugh out loud,

    dxxx 54

  15. Loving up the mop up page, lovely. Love the scribblings too, always love pages with words embedded into them. Laughing at the cards, always fun. And the snowman is fab! I nearly didn't post today as am struggling, but didn't want to miss out, might suffer withdraw symptoms!! Take care Zo xx 139

  16. Your DH is quite the artist!
    Your page is amazing...amazing that it was created from mopping up the other does lie in the little things!

  17. Hi Kyla,
    I really love the fact you have used your mop up page. It would be a shame not to have used it.
    Your hubby looks like he had fun too. Crafts cover all forms of artistic talent.
    Nelle xx #89

  18. Doing a belated skip around the WOYWW posts!

    I love the tiki snowman (how creative is your OH?!! :D) and your "mop up" page is fabulous. :)

    Ali #77


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