Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Hello everyone.  I do hope you are all well? 

 I don't like to start with an apology but I have been a bit tardy with return visits this week. 

 I am sorry, but my pay the bills job is really busy and the next 6 weeks will see the culmination of the delivery of one of my projects (very boring, but the build and roll out of a computer application across nearly 700 people! Sounds as dull as it is, but it is taking 100% of my energy....but after all it does pay my craft stash bills!!!).

On my desk this week is some dylusion sprayed papers which I have overstamped and plan to make into valentines cards....well that's the plan!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this week spell out "Lady Bites Beauty Heiress"!!!! You really couldn't make it up!

If you'd like to have  a legal snoop around desks across the globe then pop over to see the Queen of workdesks, the lovely Julia here

Right, back to work!



  1. Great looking stash there of papers to the left will look great made into your valentine cards..
    Sandy :) #21

  2. What a pain having the JOB get in the way of crafting!!! Hopefully your project will wrap up quickly and easily and you can return to the fun things again!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  3. Hate that pay the bills job get in the way of fun, hope the time speeds by and you can spend more energy here instead!! Helen, 9

  4. you have my sympathy - doing much the same myself, but it is nice to stay in touch with our friends, we understand sometimes people can only post and visit when they can...., do look after yourself in terms of eating and sleeping, and I'll bring you a bin of scraps in June when it should be all over
    dx 57

  5. Your Man Bites Dog card always cheer me up! Thanks for sharing your desk:) Lucy #23 x

  6. I think we all have times when the life stuff takes over I did not touch my desk from dec through to January
    Hopefully you'll get some u time soon

  7. No appologies needed we all get caught up with other stuff know as LIFE and something has to give. I shall be back to see the valentines cards
    Ria #44

  8. Doesn't sound boring to me gal, sounds frightfully important and good for the career-ish and high powered and colour me impressed. Its a wonder you've got any free time if you ask me!

  9. All jobs are important especially if they help fund your habit of art, so never underestimate the work you do. Your desk looks just as important and crafting is waiting to be done, I can hear it screaming from here LOL so give yourself some credit and play.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 100

  10. We have to prioritise in life and earning the money to pay the bills is a major priorority so don't apologise. Just enjoy your playtime when you can. I too will be back to see your Valentine cards.

    Sheilagh 79

  11. Ah, Kyla, the job has to come first ... no work, no cash, no stash ... so no apologies necessary! And building and rolling out a computer application to be used by 700 people sounds like a fairly big deal to me ... especially, as in my working days I might so easily have been one of the 700 :) Look forward to seeing the completed Valentine cards and, once again, thanks for the Man Bites Dog chuckle :)) Hope you've had a happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #71

  12. Earning stash money definitely has to trump blog hopping, at least occasionally. ;)

    Your Dylusions papers are looking yummy.

    Ali #73


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