Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WOYWW first one of 2013

 Happy First WOYWW of 2013, I hoped you all had a marvellous festive break and are ready to crack on with a new year and meet head on anything it throws at you?!

So, I took this photo a few days ago...hubby went to the sales (I must admit, for a woman, I really cannot stand shopping at the best of times so avoid the sales as best I can!) and I decided to blitz my craft room!!

I pulled out all the storage containers....emptying them into 3 piles (bin, charity/swap and keep) but soon I ran out of room...

 and spilled all over our bed in the next room!!!  I had music playing loudly and was really getting into it when I realised it was dark outside, it looked like a whirlwind had hit our house and he would be home soon!!  So, I girded my loins (I presume you can still do that these days?!!) and pulled my finger out...
 Check it out!  Now I know to some of you fellow WOYWWers this still looks messy, but believe me everything is in a box, pot of takeaway container (those things are SO useful!).  All the bits on the desk are mainly photos of previous makes I use as inspiration so it looks worse than it is...but look...there is carpet (admittedly its covered in glitter and ink sprays....boy that stuff does get everywhere!).
 So, my desk this week is clean!  The 'Man Bites Dog' cards are "Actor Shoots Mystery Tourist"....ooh!

Whilst cleaning up I found my dad's x-acto knife kit (must be at least 30 years old)...I love the fact that it can be used for stripping (think they may have changed its meaning these days!) and taxidermy!!  A new craft for me maybe?!

Sorry this post is photo heavy, I tend to keep Wednesday ones short, but if you fancy a legal snoop around desks across the globe, then the queen of desks, Julia, can be found here

Happy Crafting



  1. Hi Kyla, I am with you on the shopping and sales bit! I think you have done an amazing job on your room (as long as you can remember where you have put everything!). Taxidermy - did people really do that on their own back then.......that box is well preserved... Happy New Year, Anne x #7

  2. ooohh! can you come over and use your tidying magic on my art space??? yours looks so inviting...
    wishing you all good things in 2013 and happy WOYWW :o)
    no. 14

  3. Awesome pics Kayla! I am with you on the shopping sales...just run over me with a car I am sure it wouldn't feel as bad as people jostling and shoving to get stuff...Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing your posts in 2013! Vickie #17

  4. great pics, well done on the sort out. I would like to have one, but....!! I agree about sales shopping too, so you are definitely not alone! helen, 4

  5. Just popping in to say Hi. Hope the coming year is a good, creative and blessed one for you!
    Neil #36

  6. I gird my loins constantly!! Grin.... But rarely pull my finger out..... Grins again!!!
    I've had a massive sort out too. It is amazing how many of us feel the need to do that at new year!
    Happy new year, LLJ 31 xxxx

  7. I must admit everything looks so neat and tidy! Now you are ready to rock! Happy New Year...
    Glenda #43

  8. Happy New Year to you. Goodness, what a big difference you made when you tidied up. Fingers crossed you know where everything went. It seems that quite a few of us dont like the sales, which makes me feel a lot better. Tracey R ±48

  9. Hiya Kyla, HNY!! I had a blitz on my craft room the other day but it soon got trashed again. At the moment I am also creeping into OH's office as the Christmas stuff is still out there. He hasn't complained yet!I hate sales as well and never go shopping straight after Christmas. Don't go shopping much full stop unless it's for craft stuff!! Cindy #60

  10. Well done on all the tidying up. My intentions are good - but somehow I never quite get started! Happy ew year.
    Bernice #60

  11. I love it..the x acto knife packaging is a gem! Am soooo impressed that you got it all sorted and put away again..that's my failure point..when it's all out and a horrid mess..then I want to leave it for a cuppa....and never get back to it for real! Enjoy your cleaned up and sorted space. And stop girding your loins will ya, you might do yourself an injury.

  12. Hey lovely! Wow what a sort out you had, I plan on doing similar but with the whole house, but as you know, that will involve me doing a lot of supervising instead of a lot doing! Just got to rally the troops so I may be waiting a while, so I'll start on what I can. Anyway Happy New Year to you! Here's hoping that 2013 is a super year for us all. Take care Zo xx 69

  13. woo hoo look- all organised and ready for the new year, I tidied up every where except my craft room... hmmmm

    dxxx @95

  14. Lots of cleaning for the New Year! Sometimes that's a good thing to do...purge items not needed and start fresh and clear. Brigita #100

  15. You have done an amazing job! Yes, I think it is possible to gird ones loins whilst also pulling ones finger out, but don't attempt taxidermy at the same time! My friend and I looked at the Sales stuff in M and S today and decided we had definitely missed the boat,

    Lucy x

  16. LOL You're a hoot! Love the progress you made in your crafty space. Did 'him' notice? Gird ones loins?! Is that like a girdle? LOL New Year's greetings! Nan 78

  17. Can wait to see what taxidermy creations you come up with using that Exacto knife! Maybe you'll discover a new hobby!!!


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