Friday, 18 January 2013

A Dyan and Dina inspired stencil tutorial and journal page

Evening all.  I awoke to snow this morning!  Now I know for some of you that is not unusual, but here in the south west of the UK we don't get that much, and certainly not that fast, 5" in a few hours...its covered up all my weeds and dead plants in the garden and it looks so pretty now!

Have you been watching the CHA 2013 video's on the web?  I know I have.  They are so inspiring and I now have a rather long lust list of Tim Holtz new goodies (his new paints look fabulous) and Dylusions (WHITE spray ink!!  I need it, plus ALL the new colours!!).  

However, after spending SO long clearing out my craft space I vowed that anything coming into the room needed to be productive and get used (that includes me!!  I admit I often sit here, Spotify or BBS6 music playing and before I know it an hour has passed me by!!)  and the fact that January is rather a lean month, so I thought I would use up some more of my stash to see if I could make new stash.

Inspired by both Dina Wakely and Dyan Reavley (they are both so talented) I decided to make a figure mask from some leftover plastic.

I chose a figure from a magazine

I traced it with a permanent marker

and cut it out so I had both a postitive and negative image.  

I inked through the stencil with Dylusion inks and then used black acrylic with gold interference paint to add some depth, using the figure cutout to protect the image.

I stamped through with a Dylusions background stamp (I use these all the time they are so versatile) and also stamped it with white stayz on using the stamp without an acrylic block so I could bend the stamp slightly and use part of the image.

I added circles of white paint (using the dylusions ink lid as a stamp).

I love the effect, the stencil is no where  near as good as the dylusions one (in either detail or quality) BUT its a great way for me to see if it is a product I would use in the future before I look to making the investment (which lets face it will probably happen quite soon!!).

That's it for now, I am off for a warming cuppa (or maybe some mulled cider.....much more suitable with the snow outside I think!).

Happy crafting




  1. I love it! Great idea to make your own before deciding to splash out on the real ones! Hope you got the colour off now....

  2. What a fab idea, and such a great page to finish. I have a need of the new inks too, and a Dylusions journal, all of which will be arriving in my craft room as soon as they can get here! Take care Zo xx

  3. I like it ! I shall have to give it ago :) but bet I can't cut it out as neatly as you have :(
    Thanks for sharing
    Von ♥

  4. Love what you have done with that silhouette. Such a simple concept but effective.
    From Snowy Wales!

  5. what a great idea and the page looks great, I must get round to doing this,for my journal pages.
    thanks for stopping by. I left a response re Andy's courses but here it is incase you miss it.
    The courses are great fun, the product list can be quite long on a couple of the classes but it really is stuff you will use again and again after the class, I was starting from scratch when I did time worn but I use the paints all the time as well as the texture mediums, I think it is a life time workshop now so you can always get the bits as you go along. x thank you for the comment and stopping by x
    sorry if I sound like a sales man ;)

  6. Holding my jaw,(just to stop it hitting the floor)
    Nelle xx

  7. Have just been back for another look.
    WOW again,
    Nelle xx

  8. Thanks all for your kind comments


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