Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Another WOYWW.  This week my desk is its usual cluttered mess, I am making some Bombshell stamp cards with a lil devil and flaming eye ball.  I coloured the images with pro markers and masked the eye to position the flames behind, adding glossy accents to the eye.

When I make a card I try to make at least 2 or 3 at a time, that way I can take a couple to work for the charity box and make sure that at least I have some cards at home...its SO embarrassing that I make cards etc but rarely have any at home sometimes forcing me to buy a card!!!

So, pop along to Julia's blog and find out what the WOYWW is all about...and have  a bit of a nose around some fellow crafters workspaces all across the globe.

Happy crafting
li'l pidge x


  1. Hi there. What is up with Blogger these days? Some desks I can leave messages and some I can't!! Very frustrating!
    Enuff of my rant!
    Your desk looks nice and busy there! I have the same problem with cards but I never resort to buying - I get up half hour earlier if I am desperate!!!

  2. buy a card??? wash your mouth out LOL
    (I often do the same!)

  3. Ah the two at a time discipline escapes me - it all just goes in the scrap box..or I'd need another box for the doubles....! I buy cards - specially for the people who think homemade is a quick cheap solution!!


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