Sunday, 22 May 2011

My first tutorial

So, last weeks WOYWW has 2 mysterious sheets on my desk.  I have been having a play with my alcohol inks.  At a recent craft show it was demoed and I thought I'd have a go and instead of using the pieces as backgrounds I'd run them through my new die cutter (still loving the big shot-if your in 2 minds about buying one or the Vagabond-go for the big shot....I've cut metal, leather etc all with my rheumatoid arthritic hands no problems, and its a FRACTION of the price...thought the vagabond does look very cool-not being a pink laydee I wish they'd make it it just black, or maybe purple...ooh, purple and black, that's be nice....I digress!).

Anyhoo, I thought I'd take some photo's and try my first tutorial, please let me know that you think.

 Step 1
  • A sheet of acetate (I used old OHP sheets from a dumpster dive!! Too tight to pay for acetate).
  • dribble glossy accents (I used glossy accents and 3D art gel as I had some old stuff lying about) around the edge of the sheet, then scribble all over the sheet making sure the glossy accents overlap

Step 2
  • drop alcohol inks onto the sheet. I made 2 sheets, one in natural hues, browns, golds and greens and another sheet with teal, purples and cerise

 Step 3
  • When you have covered the entire sheet with alcohol inks add a little glitter, maybe some chopped angelina fibres

Step 4
  • Crumple up some tissue paper and spread all over the sheet, pressing to down to get good adhesion.  You may want to wear gloves or use some old plastic packaging to poke the tissue paper down as my fingers got VERY stained the first time I tried this!!
 Step 5

Wait 24 hours to dry

Step 6

Use!  I put mine through the big shot, but you could punch it or use it for some nice matting and layering

This is the finished card.  I have NO idea what is wrong with blogger, the card is saved in portrait and on the screen but when its uploaded it seems to change direction!  If anyone knows why, please drop me a line and let me know any ideas?!

I hope you enjoy my first tutorial.

Happy crafting
Li'l Pidge


  1. well done :) you sure got some good effects and a good idea to die cut them :)

  2. WOW!!! Came for a nosey to prove to hubby that I am not going mad with Blogger working on some blogs but not others and this is gorgeous! Gonna have to come back for a proper look later!!!!


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