Wednesday, 18 May 2011


ANOTHER week gone?!.....some would say (misers may say the year is going so quick that Chr***mas is almost upon us-sorry too early to actually say the C word!)...however, trying to be a bit more glass half full some would say, hurrah..summer holidays, the schools off....a much quicker commute to work in only a few weeks!!  More importantly its almost Julia's WOYWW Pay It Forward in week 104 !

What am I whittering about?  Have a look on the blinkie on the right and check out all the other workspaces you can have a good old snoop around! (admit it...we all love a snoop!)

So, my mess desk is covered today! I'm not going to reveal what I am making yet as I am going to try and do my first tutorial when its finished!  In the middle is my first tattered floral flower I made last night, I've now glued it to the lid of my kilner jar filled with liquorice!  Well, a plain glass jar is SOOOOO boring!

Feel free to have a snoop around Julia's blog...I know I am!

Happy crafting

li'l pidge


  1. Oh Kyla, your link at WOYWW has been hijacked. I can delete it via Mr Linky, but need you to go and add another link if you want to. Am guessing this is why you've had no visitors yet!

  2. I'm sure the jar looks lovely...but liquorice...eeuuw!! Am very pleased to know there's a tutorial in the offing - I cannot work out what you've been uop to!

  3. I can't work it out either, but it looks most interesting.

  4. Love those colors, can't wait to see what you are making!

  5. Your desk has a lovely crafty feel to it - thank you for sharing


  6. Thanks for the snoop... and I love liquorice but as for anyone on blood pressure tablets... it is forbidden! Aaaaah!
    JoZarty x


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