Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Alcohol Inks and charity shop finds

Searching through my SD card, I came across this photo which I can't remember if I shared with you.

The cutlery was picked up for next to nothing from a charity shop and the box frame was a cheap Ikea frame (other soul-sucking, impossible to find assitance shops are no doubt also available) and decorated them with alcohol inks, vintage words, wire and now hangs in my kitchen...a little bit of craft when I am burning water for my morning boiled egg.

Charity shops, bins and skips are now all open terrority for me and my quest for altered art!!! (my hubby is not going to be impressed, he lost his music/computer room-now a craft room and the dining room table looks like a jumble sale some days!!

oh well, I'm sure he must be used to it by now, after all, he married me knowing I was an obsessive crafter (is there any other sort?)

Happy crafting

li'l pidge x

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