Sunday, 19 September 2010

Is there such a thing as too nice a day to craft?

Basically YES! As we are now in Autumn (my favourite season, crunching through leaves, picking blackberries, sloes (for sloe gin-a great Christmas favourite in our house) and sweet chestnuts.

We don't get as many sunny crisp days when it is still warm enough to get out and about without piling on the we decided to head off down to the coast and spent a day by the sea in Sidmouth in Devon.

Its a great old fashioned holiday resort, nice beach, lovely promenade and some great independent shops (I even found a small craft fair the village hall!).

But most impressive was my hubby spotted some guerrilla knitting (the last time we saw this was in Whitstable)...

Itsnt it great?

Happy crafting
li'l pidge x

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