Saturday, 12 January 2019

Urban Sketchers Bristol meet up

 Last Saturday was the Urban Sketchers Bristol chapter meet up.

We met in the Bristol Museum and I decided to sit in the cafe and sketch using my new travel watercolour kit 

I also decided to try and sketch people, my first person (chap with the top knot on the left) was my first and my favorite, I am not very pleased with the others but am seeing this as something I can learn to develop as I try new techniques etc.

One thing we did find out during the meet up was that the museum does NOT allow you to use anything other than pencil!  Several staff approached some of the group about their watercolours (even though we were all using sealed water pens, the ones that hold a small amount of water in the cartridge and doesn't even flick out of the fiber end) asking them to stop using them.  

Sadly we cannot find this anywhere on their webiste and none of their staff could even point out where this was stated!  I totally understand the issue, but these sealed pens carry no risk of spillage whilst children run around with bottles of juice and they even sell water pistols in the museum shop! 

 Now we know we can ensure that we only bring pencils if we sketch there again, but it is a shame that this was not communicated to the public and I suggest a tad outdated considering most use  water pens.  It would be interesting to know other museums take on this or whether other groups have had any issues?

If you have please let me know?



  1. It’s extra ordinary that the museum don’t make it clear by notice to be honest....I would say wherever there’s a bench for contemplation, there’s someone painting or drawing. I have no personal experience of, drawing! I like your observed heads, I should imagine your tenacity at such stuff will soon have you liking what you draw. Heads are prolly as hard as hands aren’t they?!

    1. Indeed, it is something I will certainly be wary of in future. As to the heads, yep I am sure it will improve and if not I will draw something else!

  2. I can see why you liked the first drawing, it's so well done. I am surprised at this attitude towards painting and you might expect they would make a space available or at least warn people in advance so that you could come with suitable equipment as there are many art students that visit places like this. Thank you for the visit to mine too. Have a great week, Angela xXx


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