Saturday, 26 January 2019

Chewing Gum Man

There is an artist in the UK called "The Chewing Gum Man".  To find out all about him search for "Ben Wilson".  He is incredibly talented and paints OVER discarded chewing gum you find on the pavement!

This the Millennium Bridge in London.  It is a well known landmark from the Tate Modern across the Thames.  Thousands must walk across this every day but in today's rush I am not sure how many notice the small things.  

As you cross, walk slowly and look down (the view along the Thames is fabulous but once you have taken that in, look down....and whilst those around you rush these...)

  I am not sure if this refers to the Grenfell tower fire, but love the heart and community logo.

 Love the statement on this one, so personal.

 So many different styles and subject matters.

Love the idea of these and something to keep your eyes peeled for.

Happy crafting


  1. oh I want to go now!! I never look down, only at the view along the river. thanks for sharing Kyla

    1. Helen your welcome, there are LOADS on there and he appears to be quite prolific too in other places.


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