Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Hump day so that can only mean one thing "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday" when we gather across the globe to show our desks.  Some tidy (so tidy I wonder if its post crime scene!) others...well...lets face it its a pig sty.....but it is creative (sort of!!).

On my desk this week I am trying to catch up with my 365 Journal and at least try to make Aprils pages so they are ready to start writing, and by jove I am nearly there!

My "Man Bites Dog" cards this weeks are 'Beauty Model weeps for Nails'-well, let be honest we could certainly do with some glib and superficial news!!

Happy crafting


  1. liking to look of the 365 pages! Have a great day. Helen #?

  2. It's great to feel that you are ahead of things. Good luck with the April pages. Sarah #13

  3. I'm not a beauty model, but I do often curse when I break a nail - it's all news!! Your desk doesn't look a pigsty to me and frankly, if by jove, you're nearly ready for April, then by jove, you're doing incredibly well!

  4. I'll take the Man Bites Dog news today. The TV is staying off! Great job with the dress lovely.

    Fiona #17

  5. Your journal looks great and well done for getting ahead, I always play catch up. I like your kind of news best, we don't do TV news anymore, far too depressing!!
    Have a good week
    Hugs Lisax #19

  6. Hi Kyla. Well done on nearly finishing April's page ready for your comments on the month. Good job done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #29

  7. That was where my downfall was with my 365 day calendar, I could never get those pages done in time! I am such a procrastinator, 2 days before I would be thinking "Oh I have lots of time!" I do the same with Christmas, and then before I know it its been and gone! You are doing a terrific job! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #35

  8. I love pig sties, makes me feel right at home Lol! Happy woyww and have a great week too, Angela x11x


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