Saturday, 11 March 2017

Comic coasters

I just realised I haven't shared all the presents I made for people recently.

Whilst sorting through some stash earlier in the year I came across some MDF blank coasters that I totally forgot I had!!

In order to keep costs down and de-stash I decided to make some for presents.

The four on the left are Judge Dredd ones (2000AD comic) for my brothers birthday (it was on Valentines day).  The two female ones top right were Christmas presents for my mate Julie and the bottom right two superhero ones were for my brother in law and my nephew (dad and son coasters).

I painted the back and edges of the coasters in a couple of coats of black paint and once the images had been stuck down and dried the laborious task of sealing them begins.

Now I am not going to lie, its a chore.  I apply a coat of yacht varnish and leave it 24 hrs to dry.  Then apply another coat and leave it another 24 hours (yes the house smells like a chemical factory whilst this goes on) and give it a light  sanding. 

Then I apply a coat on the base and this time leave it 48 hours to fully cure.  Finally I add one more coat to the top and leave it another 48hrs.

Now, this may seem over the top however I have a coaster at work that I have used almost every day for well over 10 years.  It has been abused, sloshed over, left to hold hot drinks that then go cold whilst I forget them and still it looks as good as the day I made it.  So, I know its a faff but it really does make them bomb proof!

Has anyone else used a different sort of varnish/sealer to good effect? I would be interested to know as the smell of this one really is quite strong!!

Happy crafting


  1. We use polyurethane lacquer In the workshop, it absolutely stinks of cellulose, but my word, it's a lovely finish,..comes in gloss and Matt, and works on loads of stuff. But....we spray it, so don't know if it would rival the week long varnish routine for convenience!!! Love the super coasters, good idea.....

    1. Ooh good idea though....quite like the smell!!


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