Saturday, 18 March 2017

Art Abandonment and Free Art Friday

There are a group of artists I belong to (search groups on FB for details) 'Art Abandonment' and 'Free Art Friday'.  Both groups abandon art (one of Fridays the other whenever you fancy) across the globe for no reason other that the love of it.

Last weekend I did a quick sketch of a robot on a tag (it helps fill the time when I am on a train) and decided to abandon it in London between Carnaby Street and Soho.

I have abandoned many items over the past few years, from postcards, drawings, paintings, painted rocks and tags, I have never heard back from anyone who has found one (the artabandonment group have a contact I attach to them) but I hope those who found them and chose to pick them up like them and enjoyed the small random act of kindness.

Have you taken part in these before, I'd love to hear about it if you have. 
Happy crafting


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  1. shame no-one has ever got back to you... it is a great idea though.


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