Monday, 6 March 2017

A day of crafting and doing nothing

 I finally took a leaf out of my own book (telling others to 'take care of themselves' and 'you cannot pour from an empty cup' etc) and decided to take a day off work with no intention of doing housework, ironing, paperwork etc.  All I was going to do was rest and craft.

Now I tend to be a list maker and ticker off....I rarely sit still and talk too much BUT I do meditate on a regular basis and I have found that when I have too much 'internal chatter' going on that crafting takes me out of my zone and allows me to be more mindful by concentrating just on that one thing.  To be honest I have crafted for almost 40 years so I don't even really concentrate on technique anymore more of a 'go with the flow' and see where it takes me!

So I decided to make my husband a birthday card

and finally get round to using up some of these lovely images I stamped ages ago from a friends stamp I borrowed.

Before I knew it I had a stack of cards all made and a few hours of not thinking about work, housework, finance or my RA-what bliss.

So I need to remember this and schedule more days (or even just half days) into my diary for 'me' and to allow time for myself to rest and repair.  I love my daily walks (which I have been doing for over a year now) but I need something else.

How do you give yourself some precious 'downtime'?  I am open to ideas.

Happy crafting


  1. Hi Kyla, lovely post, and very insightful.Trying to get myself crafting again, it's only now I'm starting to feel better, and seem to have turned the corner with pain,that I realise how much it's distracted me for the last couple of weeks, and trying to stop myself getting depressed is actually damned hard work! Mindfulness, some meditation and just downright indulging myself if I felt like a nap seem to have got me past it, now it's just a case of keeping it going. Finding the fine line between giving yourself some space,and being over indulgent is a work in progress,lol. Hugs to you, Shaz. Xx

  2. I agree, that we all need space and rest, you I think especially because you compensate for any inhibiting that the RA. causes, so you're in the go constantly! Craft and reading are my go to re-focus, relaxants..can't imagine my life without! Love the card for Lee!


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