Monday, 27 March 2017

Dressed to impress

 So, I decided to take a well deserved day off work the other day and instead of spending it catching up with housework (everything takes longer when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I admit I get behind with a lot of it) I decided to have a day sewing.

I bought a Tilly and The Button dress pattern for the Coco dress on the recommendation from a friend and whilst I made one about a month ago the fabric/seam around the armpit rippped after one wear-no idea why.  Maybe my thread was a little tight or maybe I was over zealous with the iron and it was a little too hot for the jersey fabric.  Anyway, I bought some different fabric (ponte de roma) and decided to have another go.

It was all going really well, I remembered to wash and dry the fabric before cutting it out. Then after about an hour trying, unsuccessfully, to insert the arm into the pattern I suddenly realised what was wrong....can you spot my schoolboy error?

I kept wondering WHY the sleeves were not the same each side. Then I spotted the pattern had one edge tucked over when I cut the fabric out!!!!

 Can you spot the difference between the two?  I was SO annoyed at myself (but also thankful I took my time and hadn't started sewing...that would have been a pain in the backside!) Thankfully I seem to have a LOT of fabric left over when I cut this pattern out (no idea why, I think I need to email them to ask for advice as I end up buying a lot more than I actually need) so I was able to cut another pair out.

Once I had cut the arms out correctly it was much easier to fit the arms (still took me a while to sort it out though but I am guessing this is a skill I can develop the more I make). 

I finally made a dress!  Yes its plain and black (no matching of patterns for me at this stage!!) and I may decide to put a couple of pockets on the front.  I haven't worn it yet so fingers crossed the seams and fabric doesn't rip on this one as I think I may loose the plot if it does!! 

But still...I made a dress!!!! Yes, I did a happy dance round the lounge when I tried it on and it fitted!

Happy crafting

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  1. Great job my lovely. Nothing beats the feeling of wearing something you made yourself.


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