Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New year roundup, WOYWW and a quilt!

No desk from me today I thought I would show you what I have been working on in secret for Christmas, after a quick roundup of my year.
Well, 2013 has finally come to an end and naturally one thinks of reflection.

2013 brought many changes and taught me a lot.  

Jan - March were hard as I was ill through RA and exhaustion due to long, hard hours at work.
 I finally collapsed and was signed off to recover.  
That was when I learnt I needed to sort my work/life balance and remembering that I have a chronic disease and I need to look after my health.

April saw the sudden death of my father.  As a real daddy's girl this was a total shock and took several months to actually come to grips with the fact that I wasn't going to see him again. He taught me crafting and I found it hard to craft-the one thing I used to help me survive.

Before I knew it, the summer had come and gone and September was here and my brothers wedding.  He met his wife, Zoe, in Ecuador where they both lived for 3 years before moving back to London.  It was the most beautiful day, complete with a volcano wedding cake that actually smoked!!

October-December saw me in hospital having an operation on my ankle and then the long recovery (having RA means I have a compromised immune system and take longer to heal....however, I have NO patience and this means I try to do things before I am fit enough!!!).

Then Christmas was here!!  This year we were determined to do it differently so that we would have different memories so hubby, mum and I went to a local Indian restaurant and had christmas lunch there!!  We are all veggie so it made it much easier, and it was  a very different day, but still enjoyable.  In fact I could get used to not having to do the food shop, cook and not having to do the washing up!!

I wanted to make a special present for my mum-after everything she has been through this year.
So, I made my first ever quilt!  

I decided to make this in December!!  Not exactly the cleverest idea ever I must admit.  I followed the Jelly Roll 2 hour challenge to make the top (it took me longer though) and 2 days later (alright, one of those days was a VERY long day) I had a quilt!

It was worth the time and expense (now I know why quilts cost so much, even the raw materials were expensive) just to see the smile on my mum's face that day. 

So this year has taught me a couple of things.  Firstly balance.  I need to ensure I find balance in my life (I think that will be my word for 2014) and secondly if it doesn't need to be done perfectly or by me then delegate or don't do it!!

I hope during the times of reflection that 2013 taught you something and I wish you all the very best for 2014 and beyond.



  1. Balance is a good word....in all areas of life. The first Christmas without your dad must have been hard, it was the same for me last year without mum.
    That quilt is just stunning, what a perfect present for your mum. I love the colours you've used, so rich and sumptuous. You couldn't have slept much if you made that in a few days! No order your mum adored it :-)
    Wishing you love, laughter and lots of crafting in 2014,
    Hugs, LLJ 29 xx

    1. Jan...Thanks..no not much sleep! But worth it!!

  2. Happy New Year Kyla. I'm sure Christmas was hard for you this year, my DIL Mom, Silvercrafter, has had a difficult one, being the first one without her Husband. I agree that learning to delegate, or just let something be, are very difficult things to learn. I think many of us were raised by Superwomen, who always managed to do everything effortlessly, or so it seemed,and we are constantly trying to reach an ideal standard that exists in our own head. The quilt is so beautiful Kyla, gorgeous colouring that blends so well. Have a great Wednesday, Hugs, Shaz #32 xx

    1. Shaz, Thanks. Yes I think many of us are raised as superwomen!!! This year will all be about balance!

  3. That is, in a word, stunning. Love the colours. So amazing for a first one.
    May your 2014 be ...balanced :)

    Happy New Year WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  4. The quilt is beautiful. So sorry for your loss. My best friend - very close - died on 27th November- we spent many many Christmas's together so it was hard this year.
    Like you I hope to do things a little differently this year.
    Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year. Anne x #36

  5. Fabulous quilt, the colours are stunning.
    Happy New Year
    Karin #29

  6. That quilt is lovely, your mom must love it!
    Happy New Year and a happy WOYWW to you.
    Tertia #21

  7. hi Kyla
    balance, now that's an principle I think we all need to learn, I know I do. Glad to see you got through it all and are looking forward....... the quilt is fab, such great colours.
    here's to a better 2014
    janet #20

  8. Balance is a very good thing. I could use a dose of that! I like to think I have achieved a tiny little bit of balance in my life since I retired. I find I'm OK in my own skin again. That's a very good thing!

  9. It's hard to delegate when you feel you can do it better, quicker, longer, stronger....but well done you, recognising and learning that it has to be done. And your 2014 word is just perfect. Challenge Kyla! huh! Love the quilt, bet your Mum was utterly thrilled. Know what you mean about cost...I used a whole jelly roll on my button basket...for heavens sake, how much money for a basket?!

  10. What a year you had, I hope that 2014 is much kinder to you in every respect. I do love your quilt though, and of course your Mum would have loved it. Much love, and hope to see you again this year! Helen, 17 xxx

  11. Trusting 2014 will be a precious year for you, Kyla.
    That quilt is just stunning - those colours shine - quite Eastern - that why you chose an Indian for Christmas Day?? I'm glad you are able to be crafting again with such fervour - being creative is soooooo healing.
    Balance is hard, isn't it? Hubby was diagnosed with RA when 19, and will be 68 in a few days time - it's hard when you see things you know you have the ability to do, but not the health or energy. Hubby's RA is now a thing of the past, but severe breathing issues walk daily with us - at the moment, he can barely stand or walk. Frustrating, painful, scary... but we endeavour to keep our eyes on our merciful God.
    Take care.
    Margaret #12

    1. Yes, you hit the nail on the head, its seeing the things I could do but now struggle with! Thanks for your kind words

  12. Happy New Year, Kyla. Interesting and thought-provoking post and the quilt you made for your mum is stunning. I've watched the jelly roll challenge on YouTube and been totally impressed with how quickly the top can be made but still not plucked up the courage to attempt to make a quilt yet ... perhaps I will this year. I'm not a bit surprised your mum loved it. Have a great week and a wonderful 2014 - sounds like you really deserve a good year. Hugs, Elizabeth x #79

    1. I can recommend the challenge....the top took me a bit longer than 2 hrs, but the rest of it took nearly 2 days solid work!!!! There must be an easier way-maybe LLJ can give us all a lesson at the next WOYWW crop!!

  13. WOW! Way to go girl!! So glad you got something positive for 2013 after your rough ride in the earlier part of the month. Love Love Love your quilt. Bring it to the Crop please - wanna see it. I have not done a jelly roll quilt but will have to at some point.
    Happy Happy New Year to you Kyla.


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