Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Happy WOYWW!  
As we approach Christmas is does appear these visits are becoming closer!!!

On my desk this week (its getting a mess again...I will clean it up this week! Honest!) are bits and bobs that quite frankly I should put away but for one reason or another I haven't (I think we all know why I haven't.....lazy and the classic "I will need to use that soon" clause!).

Also my 365 journal as I am a couple of days behind so I need to fill them in.

Now, after hearing the news today about the Mayor of Toronto I did set these "Man Bites Dog" cards up!!

If you fancy a legal snoop at desks across the globe then pop over to Julias desk (link over on the right), they are ever such a friendly bunch.

Happy crafting



  1. Lol!! Love the cards this week!!
    If you pop over to my blog, you will see they your Onesies for Elves guess tickled my fancy the please email me your addy and I will send something festive off to you as a prize!
    Hugsm LLJ 41 xx

  2. Love the journal, Kyla, and all the bits and pieces on your desk. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #36xx

  3. Set up or not, eventually the cards had to tell a real story!! Loving the journal pages...are you back at work? Not like you to be behind on anything...

  4. that would have been toooo spooky if you hadn't set them up, first time I remember seeing the 1st lady card. great journal I wish I had the time /inclination to do one.
    janet #34

  5. Great journal and funny cards. Made up three or four headlines in my mind withthem! LOL
    Krisha #4

  6. Kyla, I think the "I need to use that soon" clause is perfectly respectable!

    Happy WOYWW to you!
    #75 this week
    with a tiny book

  7. My email is
    Jan xx

  8. I have not heard about the mayor of Toronto, will have to Google that! Thanks for stopping by Kyla and for your lovely words about my faces. The sketchbooks in Asda are well worth hunting down. They look just like moleskines with the elastic around them and the pocket inside etc but are a fraction of the price! I try and pick one up whenever I go in in case they stop doing them :P


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